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Workers' Self-examination

Workers’ Self-examination

God raised numerous workers at every phase of human history to do His work. He, likewise, has chosen us at the end time to serve Him. No one is considered more worthy than others to serve; it is God’s grace. Some workers faithfully fulfilled what God required of them. Others fell away from being God’s workers along the way, because they failed to carry out their service according to divine directives. In any case, God’s work goes on.

The greatest obstacle to doing God’s work is the workers themselves. Sometimes, workers focus so much on the work itself that they lose sight of the divine purpose. Our service should spring naturally from understanding God’s will, which is the foundation of our work (Jn 4:34). This God-set ideal is attainable when we constantly refine ourselves spiritually, which requires us to honestly assess and correct ourselves.

One crucial question in self-examination is this: “Do we truly know that the works we do belong to God?” We do not have the exclusive right to any of God’s works. “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit” (Phil 2:4). They are to be delegated according to the gifts of each worker (1 Cor 12; Rom 12; Eph 4). It is when everyone understands this principle of working together that we can eradicate pride and jealousy. We should be open to correction. Otherwise, we maim the progress of the church.

For us to work, we need wisdom from God. One aspect of this wisdom is respect for others (1 Pet 5:5). “[I]n lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself” (Phil 2:4b). Whenever a task is to be carried out, it is best that its plan is discussed with, and approved by, the co-workers. To lend a listening ear and to value the suggestions of others are ways of respecting one another.

When a conflict arises, the parties involved should prayerfully face it. We may have to change ourselves. We need to also be genuinely forgiving. This ensures that God accepts the works performed.

Always remember, God searches our hearts. Our motives determine God’s acceptance of our work. God has the final say in deciding whether or not to accept the work we do. Let us pray that we all know what we are doing for God.



            Question for Reflection:

Examine your own attitudes in the areas of service to God. Are you focused on the work as a goal in itself or do you constantly remind yourself that the work is God’s and that it is a blessing from God that you can be a part of His work?

Author: FF Chong