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His Blood for Our Sins

His Blood for Our Sins

In [Jesus] we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace. (Eph 1:7)

I recently donated blood for the first time. I recall the friendly staff going through a rather long list of questions about my health and personal information before I gave blood. To my surprise, the donation center generously provided refreshments such as cookies and water.

When the time for donation arrived, they provided a bed. The amount of blood taken was about ten percent of the blood in an average adult. The whole process took less than an hour and was a relatively pleasant experience. Despite the mild pain and discomfort associated with giving blood, knowing that I could help save lives through this small sacrifice gave me a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Yet when the Lord Jesus Christ gave His blood, instead of a warm and welcoming reception, He faced a bitterly cold and hostile mob. He was mocked and despised. He was harshly questioned and falsely accused. His hands and His feet were pierced as He was nailed to the cross. His refreshment was sour wine mingled with gall. Thorns were His crown.

Jesus suffered for hours on the cross until He gave up His life. He shed His blood to atone for our sins, saving us from eternal condemnation so that we can have eternal life with Him.

If our blood is valuable enough to save patients in life-threatening situations, then how much more valuable is the blood of Jesus? We became God’s people after being purchased by Jesus’ blood. What have we done to repay His incredible act of mercy? Or have we taken His sacrifice for granted?

There is no greater love than the Lord’s death for us. He saved us, sinners without any hope. Since He gave us life, let us live according to His standards.

We should no longer live in sin, but should lead a holy life that is pleasing in His eyes. Let us renew our faith and relationship with our Lord by purifying our hearts and wholeheartedly laboring for Him.

Questions for Reflection:

Have you taken Jesus’ sacrifice for granted? How will you repay Him?