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 (Manna 63: Music)
In Him I Trust
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In Him I Trust

Tan Guat Kim—Cheras, Malaysia

            The Lord is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my heart greatly rejoices,
And with my song I will praise Him. (Ps 28:7)

In Psalm 28:7, King David acknowledges God as “my strength and my shield”. He willingly places his trust in a reliable and faithful God, whose providential care is portrayed as the strength, fortress, and stronghold of His people.

He also declares that God, who radiates an undeniable strength and courage, is worthy of our trust. We can trust Him, who controls the universe, and watches over us with benevolent eyes. He is the One on whom we can pin our hope and confidence. This is a psalm of simple trust and universal glory, and this confidence and reliance on God is the manifestation of faith.

At times, our lives appear to unfold in uncertain ways. It may seem endless, tenuous, and uncharted, casting long shadows of doubts within us. But we must learn to trust in God during these periods, for it brings guidance and direction to our life.

When I reflect upon my past, I can see how God has taken me through periods of learning, growing, and, most importantly, trusting. Through the years, as I witnessed His divine guidance, I came to realize that I had to learn to trust in Him. I experienced God’s hand in my impressionable teenage years, when I had to make a difficult choice in my career, in my faith and marriage.

Like most people, I had youthful aspirations and ambitions, but these plans were often relegated to wishful dreams. However, I understood that bemoaning unfulfilled aspirations and ambitions would not help my future. My safest recourse was to place my trust in God, because I knew that my destiny was in His hands.

Since then, I have constantly pursued the meaning of trust and drawing strength from God as I continue in my Christian journey. Through my trust in Him, He has blessed me with a rewarding career, a harmonious and fulfilling marriage, and two wonderful children. Most importantly, I have experienced God’s guidance and forbearance.

I am grateful to God for responding to my trust because He has allowed me to work through my weaknesses, which tend to debilitate me. I am convinced that none of us can go through life without entrusting our problems to God.

I give thanks to God for His unparalleled blessings. As recorded in Psalm 33:21, I have learned to “[trust] in His holy name,” for this trust brings joy, guidance, and strength in God.

God is our fortitude, strength, and our shield, and we can find solace and refuge through our trust in Him.

            Every possible moment of mine will be to live for God
Every opportunity of being with Him is relished
Every experience of knowing Him is cherished.

Wherever my destiny may lie
Whenever be the time I must return to my Creator
Till then, may all my tomorrows belong to my God
I will live day to day by His grace



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