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 (Manna 64: Dealing with Calamities)
The International Assembly's Truth Research Committee: 2010 and 2011 Resolutions
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The International Assembly’s
Truth Research Committee:
2010 and 2011 Resolutions


The International Assembly’s Truth Research Committee (TRC) comprises elders, deacons and preachers of the True Jesus Church, as nominated by the general assemblies of various countries as well as the International Assembly (IA) of the True Jesus Church. This committee was established to study and affirm the truth of the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and in so doing, build up the common faith of the believers.

The TRC meetings are held annually, and its resolutions are endorsed at the World Delegates Conference[1] (WDC).

The WDC held in Taiwan from March 27 to 28, 2011 has endorsed the following TRC resolutions. By publishing these resolutions in MANNA, it is our hope that our readers can have a clearer understanding of the matters discussed by this committee, and that the TRC resolutions can serve as guiding principles in their life of faith.

2010 TRC Resolutions

1: Biblical Theological Research—Discussion on Millennialism

To integrate the conclusion in the 5th, 6th, and 7th points. The amendment of the resolutions is as follows:

5.   The purpose for God to bind Satan for a thousand years is “to keep him from deceiving the nations”; “deceiving the nations” refers to the Great Tribulation and great battle leading to the end of the world[2].

6.   The thousand years in which Satan is bound and the spiritual millennial kingdom coincide with the same period when the True Jesus Church reigns with Christ for a thousand years[3], starting from the advent of the True Church in the end time.

7.   The following great events will occur at the end of the 1000 years[4]:
    (1) Satan will be released and the greatest persecution and battle will occur.
    (2) Satan will be thrown into the lake of fire and then the great final judgment will begin.

2: Research on the Book of Romans.

The following is the resolution regarding God’s omniscience and the issue concerning whether Satan is self-existent. Other issues will be discussed upon submission of research papers.

God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and the only self-existent true God, apart from Him, there is no other self-existence.

God’s omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence are absolute, therefore even before the creation, He already knew all of man’s choices and eventualities.

The above common understanding is passed by the IA TRC. Differing views must not be discussed at any occasion other than the Truth Research Meeting. (Isa 41:4; 45:5,18; 48:3,8; Jer 32:17,27; Gen 15:13–16; Deut 31:16; Ps 139; Lk 22:31–34; Jn 1:18–19)

3: To re-discuss a previous resolution: “Biblical truth is once for all delivered, but gradually becomes evident”

1.   To amend 2005 Resolution to: “The Truth of Salvation is once for all delivered to the saints; it will not change, and it is only through the Holy Spirit that man is guided into all truth”. (Jude 3, Jn 16:12–13)

2.   The truth that God wants to give us is entirely given in the Bible, and it does not change. The church’s understanding of truth is through the Holy Spirit’s revelation. (1 Cor 2:10)

4: Building up the body of Christ by fulfilling respective ministries

The church must build up the body of Christ by fulfilling our respective ministries, in accordance with the following seven principles:

1.       Sound policy for ministry of preachers

2.       Establish policy of church governance by elders and deacons (as agreed in previous TRC)

3.       Sound organization for various church ministries: match gift to function (organizational implementation)

4.       Follow the principle of self-sufficiency, self-sustenance and self-propagation in the establishment and management of local churches.

5.       The organization of general assemblies or coordination boards should not go beyond the teachings of the Bible and governance should be based on the spiritual principle of theodemocracy.

6.       The truth of the Bible should be implemented in the church, the role of the general assemblies is like that of Paul in Antioch, the International Assembly should function like the apostles and elders in Jerusalem, leading the global church in unity of truth and uniformity of organization, thus achieving complete oneness in the Lord.

7.       Every general assembly should promptly draw up proper organizational by-laws and management principles in accordance to biblical truth. The International Assembly shall be responsible for setting up churches and coordination boards in places without general assemblies.

WDC Resolution: The seven principles have been passed. TRC members to come up with a brief definition for the meaning of “spiritual principle of theodemocracy”

5: Should preachers be ordained as elders?

Preachers who fulfill the requirements of an overseer can be ordained as elders (to be decided according to the needs of the respective GA)

6: The prerequisite for the formation of a choir and for its members in the view of the Bible


1.       A choir serves, exalts, gives thanks and praises God.

2.       Choir members shall possess the following spiritual prerequisites:

(1)    Holy living, in order to have God’s abidance (2 Chr 20:21; Ps 29:2)

(2)    Pure motive for joining the choir (1 Cor 10:31)—singing with grace from the heart (Col 3:16)

3.       Since choir presentation is a form of holy work, choir members must in principle be members of TJC. Exceptional cases can be decided upon by the local church council.

7: To standardize the English version of the Bible


1.       For articles and publications: New King James Version required

2.       On the pulpit: New King James Version strongly recommended

3.       For personal study, avoid the following:

(1) The Living Bible/New Living Translation
(2) Good News Bible/Today’s English Version
(3) New International Version
(4) The Message
(5) New English Bible

2011 TRC Resolutions

1: When performing footwashing, the administering minister girds himself with a towel, then pours water to wash the feet of the newly baptized. The execution of and view on “girding” differs among the GAs around the world.

Regarding ‘having a part with Christ’ in the footwashing sacrament: The efficacy of this occurs when the feet are washed in the name of Jesus. The minister should emulate the servant image of Jesus during the footwashing sacrament. As for the act of girding the waist with a towel, this can be adapted according to local conditions.

2: Can a member remarry and carry on the ministry work if he/she has divorced before believing in Christ?


1.       Prior to baptism, one must carefully review one’s marital status. After baptism, one must continue in pursuit of being a new creation (1 Cor 5:17, Eph 4:20–24)

2.       Remarriage permissible

3.       If one fulfills the required qualifications for divine office, this one can be ordained (1 Tim 3:2, 8)

3: Is it proper for a minister who is divorced to keep carrying on his/her ministry?

Ministers who are divorced are unsuitable to continue in divine office (1 Tim 3:5, 8), but exceptional cases can be raised to either the GA or IA to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

[1] WDC consists of delegates from churches around the world and meets every other year.

[2] Editor’s remark: The focus of the Great Tribulation and great battle is spiritual, although the means may be physical—religious persecution of true Christians , false teachings and godless trends

[3] Editor’s remark: A thousand years refers to a set time, rather than an actual number.

[4] Cf. footnote 3

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