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There are countless Christians in various denomination all over the world who truly love the Lord and are very fervent. If a person has to be a member of the only true church to be saved, then will these Christians not be saved?

  1. Christians of other denominations who have heard the true and complete gospel proclaimed by the church and yet refuse to accept it cannot be called true Christians; for they do not follow the will of the Heavenly Father, even though they might be working fervently in Jesus’ name (see Mt 7:21-23). They will have to take full responsibility for their rejection of the true gospel (Heb 2:1-4).
  2. Indeed there are many others who humbly search for the truth and love the Lord with great fervor but have never heard the complete gospel of salvation. These people are the “other sheep I have which are not of this fold” and the Lord Jesus will bring them so that all true believers would be one flock (Jn 10:16). It is the Lord’s will that all believers become one for the glory of the Heavenly Father (Jn 17:11, 20-23).
  3. “Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the LORD’S house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow to it” (Isa 2:2-4; Mic 4:1-3; see also Hag 2:6-9). This prophecy points to the glory of the true church in the future and that all true believers will join the true church.
  4. As for those Christians who never had a chance to find the true church in their lifetime, it is not up to us to judge if they would be saved. The Lord God will be the ultimate judge. But most importantly, we need to accept the complete gospel and the true church once we have found it.

Publisher: True Jesus Church