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Saved From a Great Fire
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In the name of Jesus I bear witness.


My family and I are members of the True Jesus Church in Singapore. I am the owner .of a restaurant. We lived in No. 167 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore. Under the showers of blessings from God, we have been living a contented life. Thank the Lord!


On the 3rd Sept., 1971, the idol worshippers celebrated the Seventh Moon festival. All along the road, the residents were burning joss sticks in front of their shop-houses. At about 3.20 p.m., a gust of wind sent the burning papers up into the air and some of them landed on the wooden sheds which were not far from our house. Soon the sheds were set ablaze and the fire spread towards our row of shop-houses.


During the conflagration, I was very frightened and could only pray and beg God to save my house and properties. Then, a miracle happened. Just as the raging fire began to consume the house next to mine there was a sudden change in the direction of the wind which drove the fire back to where it came from. After some time the fire was brought under control, but about 200 people were made homeless. The fire started at No. 156 and was put off at No. 166. My house was just next to No. 166 but my home was spared. Indeed, had it not been for the wonderful grace of God, our future would have been ruined. Many of the neighboring residents who knew that I believe in Jesus were all surprised. They commented, "Idol worshippers pray for blessings and receive disasters instead; but these people who believe in Jesus are not harmed."


During the days of my youth, I came to believe in Jesus when I was in my hometown in Fukien, in mainland China. Later I came to West Malaysia alone to seek a fortune but led a poverty-stricken life instead. I was married in lpoh and brought my wife and children to Singapore to set up a business. Under the abundant grace of the Lord Jesus, and also through our labor, we managed to own this restaurant. The Lord had granted me to possess this piece of property which is all that I have. Undoubtedly, everything would had been consumed by the fire, had it not been for the special protection of God.


The next day was the Sabbath day, so I brought my whole family to church to express our gratitude to the Lord God for His grace, and glorified Him by witnessing to the congregation. I hope that by publishing this witness, it will enable everyone to join me in glorifying our Heavenly Father who has shown me His wonderful grace. Hallelujah! Amen.

(Singapore, Ong Bock Kim)

(1 0.9.1971)


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