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 (Manna 65: Missionary Work)
The Great Commission
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The Great Commission

by Derren Liang

“I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. … For we are God's fellow workers.” (1 Cor 3:6,9)

Like Paul, we are God’s fellow workers for He has entrusted us with the great commission to preach the gospel to the world. In order to work with God as effective evangelists, we must first be fully remolded spiritually (1 Thess 1:5). What does this mean?

Walking and Working With God

Firstly, the foundation for fulfilling the Lord’s great commission is to know, imitate and follow Him. Jesus’ disciples hailed from widely-varying backgrounds. The Lord spent three years training and remolding them. He used the Old Testament to teach His disciples about Himself (Lk 24:44); and asked them to deny themselves, bear the cross, and follow Him. In return, He promised they would receive a hundredfold in this life and eternal life in the age to come (Mk 10:30). Indeed, after Jesus ascended to heaven, the disciples put the teachings and their knowledge of Jesus to good use. They preached the gospel everywhere. In return, the Lord worked with them and confirmed the good news of salvation through accompanying miracles.

During his conversion, Paul asked two questions: “Who are you, Lord?” and “What shall I do, Lord?” These questions reflected his intense desire to know Jesus and his conviction to follow Him. Paul served faithfully, even giving up his life to complete the ministry that God had entrusted to him. As God’s fellow worker, he fulfilled the Lord’s great commission, preaching the gospel to the Gentiles in three missionary trips.

Working With Brethren

Secondly, effective evangelism hinges on close teamwork at various levels. Paul famously wrote - “I planted, Apollos watered” – reminding us that there must be collaboration between workers with different gifts (1 Cor 3:5). Next, workers with different cultural backgrounds must collaborate to share the gospel in different communities (Gal 2:8). This is clearly God’s will since He who worked effectively in Peter as the apostle to the circumcised also worked effectively in Paul toward the Gentiles. Last but not least, workers of different generations – e.g. Paul and Timothy – must collaborate. This ensures that the pattern of sound words is passed on (2 Tim 1:13).

Work of the Holy Spirit

As with all other work, we may encounter hiccups and hindrances while evangelizing. At such times, we must not lose heart. Instead, critically remember that evangelism is the work of the Holy Spirit. By the mighty power of the Holy Spirit, the gospel can smash through racial and geographical boundaries (Acts 10, 16). We just need to work with the Lord by rendering our support through prayer and participation.

The World and Work Await Us

              “He who believes and is baptized will be saved, but he who does not believe will be condemned” (Mk 16:16).

Today, there are still many places in this world that have not yet received the complete gospel of salvation. Christians are called to love and serve. Fulfilling the great commission is the most fundamental way to love others. The gospel helps man to solve his greatest problem—death; and brings the greatest blessing to the world—eternal life. Moreover, through the gospel, the kingdom of God has come with righteousness, peace, and joy (Rom 14:17). When we proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, God will heal the brokenhearted, liberate the captives, and give sight to the blind (Lk 4:18).

In short, evangelism brings God’s grace to others, makes the church grow, and enables us to live a dynamic and meaningful life. The writers of this issue’s theme section share about the blessings, joy and grace as well as the pains and obstacles encountered while preaching the gospel and pastoring the flock in various pioneering areas around the world. They also share what motivated them to join missionary work and how it has helped them to grow in faith. Last but not least, they give us a glimpse into the church’s situation in various pioneering regions and point to the need for more volunteers in the mission field.

The Lord is waiting in the field to work with us to grow the seeds of His gospel. Are we ready to plant and water?

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