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 (Manna 65: Missionary Work)
All Things Are Possible with God
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Sew Chan Lee–Singapore

Living in Darkness

It all seems so far away now, almost an unbelievable bad dream. My eyesight started to deteriorate when I was in my mid-twenties, and by 2006, I was totally dependent on other people’s assistance in my daily life. I chafed at my helplessness. Enveloped by a despair that I could not shake off, I often felt that life was meaningless. Worse, I became demon-possessed. It was truly and literally a time of darkness.

Pained by my suffering, one of my brothers suggested that I seek the help of the church he attended—the True Jesus Church—to drive out the demon from me. I was so tired of living in my shell of a life that I was willing to try anything. But when I came to church, I came with sorrow in my heart. I also felt so useless because I needed the assistance of our brothers and sisters to bring me to church.

Finding the Light

Miraculously, through all the prayers of brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as the laying of hands of preachers and deacons, the devil left my body just two weeks after I came to church in August 2006. Approximately two months later, God granted me the precious Holy Spirit. Thank God, I was baptized into the church on November 26, 2006.

I resolved to myself: “Since I have this precious opportunity to come to church, I must pay attention with all my heart, to know the truth and to understand the Bible better.” In this way, I prepared myself to go to church every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I was determined to learn God’s word in order to change and truly become a new creation. By listening attentively to sermons and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I came to understand the Bible better. The word of God was like a light—shining and bringing joy into my heart. Moreover, I learned to trust in God and rely on Him in my life. I tell Him all my sorrows in my daily prayer and ask Him to lead me in all things.

About one year after my baptism, I realized that the sorrow and emptiness in my heart had been replaced with happiness, peace and contentment! My bad dream had turned into a marvelous new life in Christ. When my other brother saw the miracle that had happened to me in the True Jesus Church, he left his old church and came to the true church to “have a look”. After careful observation, he was convinced that the truth and the works of God abided in our church; and, after a year, he was baptized into the True Jesus Church.

The downpour of the Lord’s abundant grace did not just stop at me and my brothers. It was soon my son’s turn to see the light. Given my poor eyesight, my son took it upon himself to pick me up after service and take me home. Since he had to come to church anyway, he decided to come earlier and listen to the sermons. Convinced that there was truly a living God in the True Jesus Church, he was baptized in 2010.

Bringing the Light To Others

Having tasted such wondrous joy and contentment, and seeing the grace on my family, I then resolved to redouble my efforts to pray for my parents and their salvation.

My mother was a Buddhist and my father an atheist. One day, I was talking to one of my brothers about how to preach to our parents. But my brother was skeptical, “How can you preach to an atheist? You will never convince him! You’d probably have to wait for the day that he has an incurable disease.” Despite his words, I was not deterred and decided to put in more effort to pray for our father. So, in January 2011, I began to fast and pray for my family every Monday morning.

In June 2011, I returned to Malaysia to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral service. During the funeral, I preached to my father. My father’s response was unbelievable—he told the rest of my family that he wanted to go to church. The whole family just couldn’t believe their ears. When I heard his words, I literally jumped for joy!

I informed the local church and very soon after my conversation with him, various Malaysian preachers began visiting my father. In July 2011, he finally stepped into the True Jesus Church.

On just his second visit to our church, my father saw a vision of Jesus Christ in a bright robe. When he went home that day, he joyfully told my mother that there is indeed a living God in the True Jesus Church. This incident motivated my brother and me to intensify our preaching to our mother. However, she was a tougher nut to crack—she firmly refused to give up Buddhism.

One day in August 2011, my father was driving his motorcycle along a very narrow road that could only accommodate one vehicle at a time. So when he saw a car coming towards him, my father immediately swerved to the left to avoid the car. To his horror, he suddenly realized that he was about to roll down a very deep ravine. At that moment, he felt a strong force pushing his right arm, which caused him to swerve the motorcycle back onto the road, thus saving his life. When he returned home, he told my mother about his close shave with death.

After that incident, my brother and I continued to share many testimonies with our mother. Finally, in September 2011, my mother suddenly announced that she wanted to go to church. Seeing the grace of God upon my father and hearing us continually share God’s word had finally changed my mother’s mind and motivated her to believe in Christ.

By October 2011, all the idols in my parents’ house were taken away. When my father asked to be baptized, the church persuaded my mother to be baptized at the same time. Thank God, in November 2011, both my parents were baptized into Christ. I am now continuing to pray for my parents to receive the Lord’s promised Holy Spirit.

Nothing is Impossible with God

Through this personal experience, I have learned precious lessons of patience and trust. All things are possible with our Almighty God. He changes a nightmare of existence into a beautiful and meaningful life.

Moreover, our loving heavenly Father is not willing for anyone to perish—so even the most stubborn of our loved ones can come to believe in Jesus Christ if we persistently rely on God and ask for His guidance. Praise Him for all His goodness. Amen!

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