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How can we be sure that the seventh day today is the original seventh day God set aside in the beginning? What if we've lost track of time?

  • The Lord Jesus observed the Sabbath day (Lk 4:16; 13:10; Mk 6:2). So it should be beyond doubt that the day had not been lost up to Jesus’ time.
  • The apostles confirmed the Sabbath kept by the Jews (Acts 15:21). Paul himself also kept the Sabbath (Acts 13:13-14; 16:13; 17:1-2; 18:4).
  • During the same period, sun worshippers observed Sunday and Sunday worship was later brought into the church. Yet the Jews were still keeping the Sabbath (seventh day). Both practices have been observed until today.
  • Although the Jews have been dispersed to different parts of the world, they have all been keeping the Sabbath on the same day even until today.
  • The seven-day week is found in many countries worldwide since ancient times. The days are the same from country to country.
  • God, the creator of the Sabbath as well as the universe, would not have allowed His sacred day to be lost.

Publisher: True Jesus Church