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Love One Another

A certain student said that he went to school in a place away from home and often participated in church activities in that locale. During his first semester, when he went to church, nobody greeted him. No one even asked him where he was from until his second semester there.

Finally, this student noticed the obvious—the church he was going to was not loving. Yet another student related how he, too, went to school in another city and attended the church services there. The first day, he introduced himself to the new church, and was received as one of the family. He felt a part of a warm and loving family there. This is what a loving church should be.

The Lord says to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You cannot love one another by sitting around and waiting to receive love. We have to stand up and actively manifest our love for one another. If you feel you have never been loved, perhaps you are thinking passively. Have you ever extended your love to others? If we all understand this truth and treat others with love and compassion, the command to "love one another" will become a common practice in God's church.

A certain brother sponsored students to study in the United States of America. Before he left, one student asked this brother, "You've contributed so much funding to help me study abroad. How can I ever repay you?"

The brother answered, "When you complete your studies and are able to help others, and contribute to society in the same way I have helped you, then that will be the greatest reward for me."

In loving one another, we should not expect any return. Rather, when we love one another, we should look forward to future rewards—in the ways that others might also learn how to love. Without such a love that grows and expands, what value is there in superficially helping the poor?

"As I have loved you," Jesus said, "that you also love one another." Christ's love was manifested in His example of serving His disciples and giving up His life on the cross—not for Himself, but for our sake. If we in turn care for others, that their needs might be fulfilled, then we will have followed the Lord's example and lived as His true disciples.

Publisher: True Jesus Church