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For Wanderings Sad and Lone

For Wanderings Sad and Lone

My father’s house of light, My glory circled throne.
I left for earthly night, for wanderings sad and lone.

(“I Gave My Life For Thee” from Hymns of Praise: The Hymnal of the True Jesus Church)

This is part of a familiar Holy Communion hymn. Yet, as we sing this hymn to remember the Lord’s death, do we really understand the extent of His love for us? Do we really appreciate what it took Jesus to leave His radiant and glorious throne for wanderings sad and lone?

Jesus, “the High and Lofty One Who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy” (Isa 57:15) did something no one could ever imagine: He left His glorious house of incorruptible beauty for a dark, diseased world oppressed by sin.

Boldly He confronted religious norms and received much scorn, rebuke and opposition. For our sake, He became “despised and rejected by men, a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” (Isa 53:3). To bring the gospel to mankind, Jesus willingly left His house of light to tread a path of sorrow and gloom.

When He was arrested, ridiculed, and flogged for our iniquities, He did not retaliate or utter a single word. He knew that He had to pay the heavy price of redemption, for nobody else could drink the cup He drank or bear the cross He bore. Such was the journey that Jesus left His glorious throne to take—the lonesome path to Calvary.

Jesus loves us and left so much for us. What have we left in return for Him? Consider the comforts in life that hinder our relationship with Him. Do we engage in social activities every night that rob us of our quiet time with God in prayer and Bible reading? Have we ever considered investing our time and effort into loving and caring for our brethren who are in need?

Jesus left the comforts of the spiritual realm for the world. Likewise, can we leave the comforts of the world for the spiritual realm?

“I left, I left it all for thee, Has thou left aught for Me?”



1) When was the last time we spent our time and effort to do divine work or show concern for our brethren beyond the Sabbath day?

2) Have we consciously prioritized any activities or commitments over the things of God? What can we do to change our priorities?