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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Look unto Me, and be ye saved. (Isa 45:22)

When ballerinas pirouette they focus their eyes on a single point and then turn. Runners train their eyes on the finishing line to motivate that last burst of energy that brings them past it. The act of focus is often achieved by looking at a single point. This is not easy, and comes with training.

We all care about a lot of things. Sometimes the thing we care most about is the one peripheral to our vision, and not what we supposedly have our sights set on. Sometimes it’s church duties, rather than serving Jesus; sometimes it’s others’ perception of our work, rather than the work itself; other times it’s the gift and not God. In the few and toilsome years of our life, there may be times we may not see what is ahead. During these times we should fix our eyes on Jesus.

The disciple whom Jesus loved looked. He steadfastly followed Him to the foot of the cross and carefully documents that Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, prayed before the cross, and protected them during the time of His capture. When trialed and scourged, Jesus bore it silently. His pain and agony was total on all levels—spiritual, mental and physical. He was hurt—crown, hands and feet. He bled painfully on the cross, endured extreme thirst, held on till the last breath and gave up His spirit for our sakes. When forsaken, He was heartbroken, crying out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken Me?” The beloved disciple saw with quivering heart, and believed (Jn 19:35).

Whenever things get too much to bear, it should be the frame of Him who hung on the cross we should be looking at. Not the blood and the gore but the picture-portrait that tells us our Lord went to the deepest hell to rescue us—a painting inscribed with the words, “I love you.” Nothing matters more than that.

Questions for Reflection

1.        What do you think are the things in your peripheral vision that keep you from focusing on God?

2.        How do you think looking at Jesus can help you overcome the problem you are facing today?

Author: Candice Ang