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Stand Still

Stand Still

Shortly after the Israelites exited Egypt, they faced an impasse. Before them was the mighty Red Sea blocking their path, behind them was the powerful Egyptian army getting closer every second. At this time, Moses told the people not to be afraid and said, "Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD" (Ex 14:13).

"Stand still," Moses said. For only by standing still and calming their hearts would they remember that their God is the true God.

They would remember that just several days ago the powerful Egyptians—with all their sorcerers and foreign gods—became powerless before the awesome God. They would also remember that when they cried out to God in their helpless misery, God heard them and sent Moses to save them. By standing still, they would learn to place their trust in God once again.

In the same way, when we face trials and hardships in our lives, we ought to stand still. We need to calm our hearts down to pray to God and meditate His word. Rather than worry, we need to be still. For God says, “Be still and know I am God” (Ps 46:10).

When we quiet our hearts and return our focus to Jesus Christ, we will remember the love and faithfulness He had shown us in the past (Ps 77:11). When we pray and are filled with the Holy Spirit, the love of God will compel us and “the peace of God…will guard [our] hearts and minds” (Phil 4:7). Our faith will be restored and our spiritual eyes opened. Although our external circumstances may remain unchanged, internally we are renewed. Then, like the Israelites at the Red Sea, we shall see the salvation of the LORD.

            The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace. (Ex 14:14)

Questions for Reflection

1.      How do we react when we face challenges in life? Are we afraid or worried? Or do we stand still and rely on God?

2.      What instances of God’s grace can you recall when you are calm?

Author: Daniel Jeng