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 (Manna 68: Succession: Generation Next)
Step by Step into the Family of God
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Step by Step Into the Family of God

Wooi Min Yong—Klang, Malaysia

Hallelujah, in the name of Jesus I testify. I would like to share how the Lord guided me step by step into the family of God, to become a member of the True Jesus Church. It is hoped that through my sharing, many more will continue to preach and bring their unbelieving family members to become part of the family of the Lord.

More than forty years ago, in 1968, my old house in Alor Star, northern Malaysia, was situated right across the True Jesus Church (TJC). Despite this, I never stepped foot into the church. I thought that faith would only result in a wrong type of mentality—that of reliance. Instead, I worshipped “Guan Gong”, a Chinese deity who used to be a famous general, and I respected him for his uprightness.

Often when church members or ministers of the TJC came over to visit us, I would pretend not to be at home. My children, however, would often go to the TJC to listen to the words from the Bible. Eventually two of my daughters believed in the Lord and were baptized. During that time, my heart was set against Christianity, and I disliked any of my family members going to church. Actually, I was opposed to the TJC due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about the church and, in particular, about her method of prayer and worship. As time passed, my children moved to the Klang Valley in central Malaysia to pursue their careers.


Years later, after my parents and my wife had passed away, I moved to Klang to start a new life. In 2003, my fourth daughter and her family believed in the Lord.

Beginning from 2006, I started to attend evangelistic services at the Klang TJC, and gradually began to attend church services with my daughter’s family.

Although initially reluctant, I was very curious and wanted to see and experience for myself what happens during church services, and in particular, why more and more of my family members had accepted Christ and were blessed by God. Yet I did not open my heart to accept the truth and I was not zealous. Sometimes I would think of excuses for skipping services; I did not like the prayers because I felt that they were rather long and the sound was loud.

One Friday night in 2006, when I was attending service, I almost fell asleep during prayer time. Suddenly, I heard harmonious vocals as if sung from a choir on the mezzanine floor of the church hall. These choruses covered the sound of prayer. I had never heard such beautiful voices before. I felt calm and peaceful in my heart. After a short while, the singing faded out with the prayer. Later, I asked my daughter and my grandchildren whether there was choir practice upstairs. They all shook their heads. I then realized that I was the only one who had heard the beautiful voices. Since then, I always wait with anticipation for prayer time, hoping to hear the beautiful voices again.


In 2007, I went to the United Kingdom to stay with my youngest daughter, who is also a TJC member. A few weeks into my stay, my four limbs felt slow and sluggish. Once, out of control, I lost balance and fainted. While unconscious, I saw myself walking into a white round-shaped tent. It was decked in glorious splendor of gold and jade, and everything inside looked very luxurious. There were a few men and women wearing white gowns and I was one of them. Another man in white stood in front of me—light shone on his face and he stretched out both his hands with a kind smile. I was shocked. “Am I in heaven now?” I thought. After that, I woke up and saw a doctor standing in front of me.

My daughter then told me that I had been sent to the Oxford University Hospital’s emergency ward after I had fainted and was diagnosed with bleeding in the brain, which was a very dangerous condition. I had undergone an operation for more than an hour. My daughter also told me that the TJC members in Malaysia and UK had been praying for me.

I was very touched by the love of the church members and God’s love and mercy for me by showing me a vision. The vision made me feel that God really existed, that He was with me and that I could overcome my illness with His help.

Thank God, the surgery was very successful and I am now fully recovered. During my period of recuperation, London TJC members continually prayed for me and showed their love and care for me. I cannot describe how touched I was—may God remember their love.


In 2008, the Klang Church Adult Fellowship organized a trip to visit the churches in Taiwan. My daughter, hoping that I could be edified in my faith, registered me for the trip.

One month before the journey, I developed a strange medical condition. I kept hiccupping and could only stop after sneezing. This was trying for me, as I could neither eat nor sleep well. My legs became so weak that I could barely walk.

At nights, before falling asleep, banging noises and sounds of things moving would disturb me. At the same time, there were black shadows moving around in my mind, which disturbed and troubled me greatly, and I could not sleep. However, whenever I prayed, a man in white would appear, and the black shadows and noises would vanish. Therefore, whenever I encountered this situation, I would pray immediately. With God’s protection, I could then sleep through the whole night. This weird condition, for which the doctors could not find the real cause, as well the nights’ disturbances troubled me for about two weeks and then disappeared on their own.

In the end, although I did not manage to join the visiting group to Taiwan, I believed that this was the Lord’s will. During those troubling times, I truly felt the love of God, learned to rely on Him and to entrust all things to Him, believing that He would have His beautiful arrangement. The experience also spurred my resolve to accept baptism.


In 2010, I finally accepted water baptism and became part of the TJC family. When I reflect upon these few years, I really thank the Lord for His abundant grace and for all the brothers and sisters in Klang Church who have showed their love and care for me. I am particularly grateful to those brothers with “grand-fathers” status, who spend time with me after services and during the teatime breaks. Their kindness has taught me about the love of God. May all glory be given unto our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Author: Wooi Min Yong