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Testimony on Divine Revelation through Dreams Revealed during My Short Visit to Taiwan (29 July - 12 August, 1992)
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In the name of the Lord Jesus I bear witness.

Soon after l enrolled to join the trip to Taiwan to attend the dedication of the New G.A. cum Taichung Church building, I encountered many obstacles which almost stopped me from joining the group. As a result, I only made up my mind a day before departure when I had to pack up my luggage hurriedly!

On 29th July we left Kota Kinabalu for Taichung via Brunei and Bangkok. The dedication of the new magnificent G.A. building was on 2nd August attended by some 3,500 members from all over the world.

Following this, Taiwan G.A. arranged for us a guided tour to visit as many churches and places of interest as possible during our short stay there.

By 4th August, we arrived at Shih Chien Church where we were treated to a sumptuous dinner followed by a special service that evening because we were putting up for the night there.

It was here that while I was about to take a shower that I saw an old Australian brother of 88 years old slipped and fell as he was coming out of the washroom. Although I managed to catch hold of his hand before he touched the floor , it was indeed a miracle that he was not hurt. Praise the Lord for His providence.

Soon after supper I decided to retire as it was already past 11.00p.m. because I was rather tired after the tedious journey. My bed was on the upper level of a double-decker bed and , before I could recall anything, I was already fast asleep.

The first dream came by when I saw my purse suddenly slipped out from my pocket and I cried out that my purse had fallen. Then, I heard the voice of a deacon who responded quickly saying, "Over here, take it." When I took it from him I opened it and was shocked to find all my money gone. This made me groan in despair as I was very grieved. Suddenly a force engulfed me and revealed to me that those who are not willing to offer their money to the church will end up like this no matter how much their income may be. Immediately I realised I had neglected to offer as I should have done so.

Following this, the second dream took over when I saw the unfinished structure of a house with red zinc sheets on the top. At the same time, I also heard eerie voices all over the places when suddenly the red zinc sheets came crashing down on me. Before I could do anything, the upper half of a Sabah brother who now works in Kuala Lumpur emerged from behind the zinc sheets. I was very shocked and puzzled when a force revealed to me that those with ill-gotten wealth are not pleasing to God and such people are not able to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven .

The third dream followed closely when J saw a fence in front of a cemetery. Then I saw a brother who had already passed away earlier this year with his son and they jumped on me. I immediately cried out, "Why are you disturbing me?" He replied saying, “I have nothing to eat." This made me recall what he said to me before his death when I used to fetch him to church in my car. I knew he was not on good terms with his daughter-in-law and had always cursed her. Following this, I felt a force which revealed to me that we should not curse anyone for those who do so will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

The fourth dream suddenly took over when I realised I was in a swamp with lots of banyan roots hanging around me. I also heard very frightening voices of the devil around me. Then the head of a church deacon poked out and caught hold of my hand s and started twisting and swinging me around saying, "I will break your arms and kill you, you child of Israel." His grip made me writhe in pain and I could see both my palms lengthened by a few inches. This horrible apparition was soon over when a force engulfed me and revealed that those who are proud and arrogant are not pleasing to God and such people will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

The fifth and last dream soon took over the scene when two grey heads, so dreadful and terrible resembling that of dogs, one on top of the other, snaring in ferocious manner appeared before me. I began to pray earnestly and casting them in the name of the Lord Jesus and they fell backward each time they tried to attack me. Soon a force engulfed me again and revealed to me that believers should always be alert in their prayers to prevent the devil from drawing near to them.

At this juncture, I suddenly woke up, appalled and in a state of shock while at the same time very embarrassed for interrupting others in their sleep.

May this testimony enable us to know our weaknesses and repent before the great and terrible day of the Lord. All glory and praise to the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.


By Liau Tshin Choi

Written by Thomas Kam

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Author: Liau Tshin Choi