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Be Attitudes

The familiar “Blessed are…” phrases of the Beatitudes introduce some of our Lord Jesus’ most popular teachings. The Beatitudes describe our new life in Christ. We might think of them as “Be” attitudes.

God’s people have always needed to know how to “be.” The Ten Commandments revealed God’s will for His people. The Lord Jesus informed us that what we do on the outside must be matched by what others can’t see—our real attitudes. To act one way and feel another is hypocrisy. The very best thing you can say about hypocrites is that they regard virtue enough to imitate it.

Jesus blesses us to be meek and to be peacemakers. We can exercise those blessings. In Christ we can be patient, tolerant, and even long-suffering. In Christ we can adopt ways and words that promote harmony and reconciliation.

Through His Word and sacraments He gives us the strength and the endurance we need to put these biblical values into practice. The motivation, the courage, and the perseverance are ours because of the new life we have in Christ Jesus.

The way of peacemaking and meekness is a gift, given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. Is there any better example of meekness than Jesus submitting to His Father’s will and suffering for our sins? And how about the time He washed His disciples feet? But His ability to make peace was even more important. His Gospel promotes genuine harmony and peace between God and us. Our sinful self, by its own nature, wars against God and we deserve punishment and destruction. But our Lord’s death and resurrection wiped out our sins. We are at peace with God, and He is at peace with us. Now we are free to enjoy and practice the blessings of peace and meek service to others.

Publisher: True Jesus Church