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Getting Directions

You’ve probably participated in a discussion like this:
"Why don’t you stop and ask for directions?"
"No, I think I’ll just turn right at the next corner."
"You said that the last time we turned right. Didn’t you look at the map?"
"No, I couldn’t get it unfolded."
"If you can’t even unfold a map, how do you expect to find the highway?"
"Oh, you never trust my judgment. I’ll turn right, and we’ll be okay. You’ll see."
(Three right turns later.) "Why don’t you go to that gas station and ask for directions?"

We Christians face a similar dilemma. God tells us that we’re strangers on earth, far from our home in heaven. As we travel through life, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why Paul left the Thessalonians—and us—the words of blessing in today’s Bible passage.

How we need God’s direction in our lives! Only God creates faith that leads us to know Jesus as our Savior. Only Jesus paves the way to heaven through His death and resurrection. And only the Holy Spirit delivers directions clearly and accurately.

Certainly, we can read God’s Word by ourselves. But it’s also good to hear it from others who have studied it and meditated upon it. They can tell us about landmarks that make unfamiliar surroundings more familiar—things like the cross and the empty tomb. Things like the bread and fruit of the vine and the river of life. Things like forgiveness and living God’s way. All of these make our trip to heaven smoother and more enjoyable, though long nonetheless.

Don’t you feel like reverting to your childhood and asking, "Are we there yet?"

Paul would turn to us and say, "Be patient. We’ll be home soon."

Publisher: True Jesus Church