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Hold Your Peace

Hold Your Peace

Nadab and Abihu were killed by the Lord for offering profane fire. It was unfortunate that the sons of Aaron did not know to walk in reverence before the Lord, but the part of the story that always impressed me was Aaron’s reaction.

...so Aaron held his peace. (Lev 10:3b)

I do not believe that this could have been easy. Even though his children were wrong, as a father, Aaron must have grieved the loss of his two eldest sons. But Aaron held his peace.

This was after God spoke the following message to him:

By those who come near Me

I must be regarded as holy;

And before all the people

I must be glorified. (Lev 10:3a)

Aaron was able to say "Amen" to this in his heart and acknowledge God's sovereignty. There were most likely days when he was reminded that God used fire to consume his children, perhaps bringing forth fresh feelings of sorrow. But Aaron continued to hold his peace, and therefore was able to stay at his post and to continue his service before the Lord.

In times of great pain, how do we actively hold our peace from day to day? When things are not going the way we think they should, it can be easier for us to turn against God and hold it against Him. However, in the midst of Aaron's grief, he accepted that God was just and had the right to do as He willed.

Aaron fully and completely surrendered before God because he understood his place before God. Let us also continually remind ourselves that God is on His throne. This conviction will humble us but at the same time serve as a source of strength needed to face each coming day.

Questions for Reflection

1.      Are there any events in your life that may cause you to become angry and bitter at God?

2.      How can we learn from Aaron to accept God’s sovereignty and ultimate authority in our lives?

Author: Lois Kuo