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 (Manna 69: One True Church)
The Great Physician
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The Great Physician

Lock Chin Wong—Sydney, Australia

The professor picked up the results of my angiogram. He had ordered this final check before we went in for stent surgery. The surgery was critical for me as my artery had been diagnosed as ninety-five percent blocked. This very experienced surgeon looked utterly surprised. He turned to me, “The blocked artery can’t be found; have you healed yourself?”

Hallelujah, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I bear testimony. Thanks to the mercy of God, I am able to share His wonderful grace with you.

Cough, Clot and Chest Pains

In January 2009, I suffered a harsh cough and felt very uncomfortable. I went to see a general practitioner (GP) who then sent me for an X-ray; the X-ray result showed a dark shadow in my lung. The doctor said that an old scar probably caused the shadow, and he prescribed some antibiotics.

On January 19, while out for a walk with my grandson, I felt dizzy and so physically uncomfortable that I went to see the GP again. This time the GP immediately gave me a referral to see a lung specialist.

Two days later, the lung specialist suggested that I undergo a CT scan. While I was driving home after my appointment, the specialist rang and urged me to go to the emergency ward of the hospital straight away—they had found a blood clot in my lung.

When I reached the emergency ward, the doctor checked and confirmed there was indeed a blood clot in my lung. After this test, I had intense pain in my chest, and I found it very difficult to breathe. The doctor told me that the blood clot would not cause such pain. He immediately diagnosed this as a heart problem and prescribed medicine to thin my blood viscosity.

On the evening of January 22, I was transferred to the cardiac ward. That night, worried by this series of events, I turned to the Bible to find comfort in the word of God. Peace came into my heart when I read:

And these signs will follow those who believe: in My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.

(Mk 16:17–18)

The next day, the doctor decided to do an angiogram. An intern was assigned to do this. I recall that the tube that was to be inserted into my vein was as thick as a straw. As my veins were very thin, the intern had difficulty finding my veins. His repeated attempts caused severe bruising of my veins and so much pain that I prayed to the Lord Jesus, “Lord, I know your suffering on the cross was much greater than the pain I have now, but please have mercy on me.” Suddenly, the pain was gone!

A Blocked Artery Discovered

The angiogram showed that I had a blocked artery; about ninety-five percent of my right artery was blocked. According to the doctor, the best treatment would be a simple dose of aspirin to dilute the blood viscosity. Unfortunately, I was severely allergic to aspirin, so I was in a dilemma. Should I proceed with the next stage treatment? There was an alternative drug that they could and did put me on. However, the specialist said that aspirin was still most effective. The drug allergy specialist thus suggested that I start with a small dosage and then gradually increase the dose if I could tolerate the drug.

From January 24–26, the doctor in the emergency ward was off-duty, and it was left to the nurses to monitor my condition. I had two injections in the stomach and took oral medication every day. During that weekend, family, friends, and church brethren visited me. Also, the ministers came to pray and lay hands on me. With their intercession, I knew that God would take care of me and be with me.

On January 27, the drug allergy specialist came by. He said that besides using aspirin to thin my blood viscosity, I would need to undergo stent surgery to address my heart problem. By God’s grace, I was by then able to take the smaller dosage of aspirin without my normal allergic reaction; it truly was as if my aspirin allergy had gone. In fact, I even testified to a friend who visited me how God had healed my allergic reaction towards aspirin. She was skeptical and questioned me, “If your God is so marvelous, why don’t you ask God to heal your blocked artery, and you can then avoid the operation.” At that moment, I could only pray to God to open her heart.

On the evening of February 1, the church ministers visited me again. Before they left, we prayed together. When they laid hands on me, I felt a warm wave coming from above—going from my head to my feet, and my whole body became warm. I felt comforted and very relaxed. After the ministers left, I slept really well that night.

Grace and Peace

My surgery was scheduled for February 2. The surgeon was a very experienced professor. Before the surgery, he came by and told me that the surgery was absolutely necessary to clear the blockage in my right artery. However, he also warned me that since the walls of my veins were thinner than normal, the stent operation was also more risky for me. He asked if I was afraid. I told the professor that I was not and would like to proceed with the operation. In my heart, I prayed to God and asked for His guidance for a smooth operation. I did not want to be paralyzed and asked the Lord to keep me according to His will. I then signed the surgery consent form.

To be extra cautious, the professor did another angiogram to check the condition of my blocked artery. When the results came, he looked at it and turned to me in surprise, “The blocked artery can’t be found; have you healed yourself?” The nurse quipped, “Have you performed a magic trick?” I replied to both of them, “This is the grace of the Lord.”


On February 3, the doctor came to check on me. He gave me the all clear and said I could be discharged from the hospital. All I needed to do afterward was to take some medicine for the blood clot in the lung area.

Thank the grace of God; my health is now much better than before.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weakness, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

(2 Cor 12:9)

My testimony ends here—may all the glory and honor be unto God’s name. Amen.

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Author: Lock Chin Wong