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The Lord's Army

From the day the Israelites left Egypt, they were called the Lord’s army. Similarly, when we are chosen and called out from among the people of the world and baptized into Christ, we also become soldiers of the Lord.

The Lord’s army cannot be compared with the ranks of worldly armies. Rather, God’s army is set aside from the world and sanctified. All the Israelites left Egypt, and not a single one was left behind. Egypt, full of evil, prefigures the world ruled by Satan. Therefore, in our lives, we must always separate ourselves from this spiritual Egypt. Only when we are sanctified and holy can we be worthy of being "the Lord’s army."

The mission of soldiers is to protect the nation; their character should be bravery and perseverance. A soldier’s duties are absolute obedience and complete dedication. Christian soldiers must be loyal to Jesus, whose army they have joined, in order to gain victory for God’s glory. Christian soldiers should neither fear the power of their spiritual enemies nor the severity of the fiery trials and tribulations they may undergo, lest they become an army without a fighting spirit.

The enemies that fight against us are like roaring lions prowling the world, seeking those they might devour. They are the evil spirits in the spiritual realm. But we need not fear them because the Lord’s army is invincible. God Himself, as the commander of the Lord’s army, is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Our enemy, the devil, is ferocious; we must not take lightly the spiritual war in which we are involved. We need to discern his schemes and hold onto the shield of faith to extinguish all his flaming arrows. With the sword of the Spirit drawn, we will doubtless overcome him.

Publisher: True Jesus Church