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A Handful of Flour and a Little Oil (3)

The widow at Zarephath did exactly what Elijah told her to do. First she made a little bread for the prophet, and then she made bread for her son and herself. Few people attain such great love. She fed a prophet of God when she did not even have enough food for the next day. She was willing to give during her poorest moment. Her actions show an extremely pure faith in the words of God’s prophet. She had faith to believe in what was impossible, and hence discovered that all things truly are possible with God.

Just as Elijah said, the handful of flour in the jar and the small amount of oil in the jug were never used up till the blessings of God rained down. Indeed, whoever receives a prophet with love will receive a prophet’s reward. Whoever sows seeds of faith with an active love will joyously reap the fruits of faith.

The miracle at Zarephath reminds us of how Christ fed the 5,000 with only five loaves and two fish, and filled twelve baskets with the remains. These two miracles reaffirm that if we are only willing to give of our limited resources and abilities, God can bless them so that we produce an infinite harvest. As Christians, we are only as limited in our services to God’s household as we are willing to give of our resources, time, and talents. We should know that God rewards every sacrifice we make for Him and His kingdom, for there is always endless grace for endless offerings under God’s rule. This is a fount of blessings that will never run dry.

Finally, let us consider these questions: from the day the widow received the prophet, did the amount of flour in her jar immediately grow to the size of a mountain? Did the oil in the jug become a flowing river? Didn’t the flour and oil increase by just a little everyday? Was not the flour and oil just enough for the three of them to get by?

I believe the flour and oil were only enough for them to scrape by. Why would God do such a thing? This way, God enabled Elijah, the widow, and her son to live lives of faith and gratitude each and every day. What do you think? Shouldn’t we also live in faith and gratitude daily? May God be with us. Amen.

Publisher: True Jesus Church