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 (Manna 72: Love—the Bond of Perfection)
Testimonies of God’s Grace and Power
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Ah Zha Ce Mui and Daniel Ce Mui—Mae Mor, Lampang Province, Northern Thailand

Ah Zha Ce Mui (born 1985) and Daniel Ce Mui (born 1995) are members of the True Jesus Church in Thailand. They were both born in the Akha village in Myanmar but now live in Mae Mor, Northern Thailand.


by Ah Zha Ce Mui               

I am from the Akha[1] tribe of Myanmar, and I travel frequently between the mountainous border of southern Myanmar and northern Thailand. Before my first visit to the Mae Mor True Jesus Church, I was already a Christian.

In May 2007, the True Jesus Church conducted a spiritual and evangelistic convocation at a rented metal shack in Mae Mor village. During that convocation, a preacher from Taiwan bore testimony of the gospel of Jesus. After the sermon, another preacher led everyone in prayer. He asked everyone to pray earnestly and loudly in the name of the Lord Jesus for the Holy Spirit from the true God. When they knelt down to pray, many spoke in a language that I did not understand, and their bodies vibrated. I was truly amazed, for I had never seen prayers like this. In fact, I found the prayer rather strange and comical.

Subsequently, I knelt down to pray together with them. I prayed very earnestly. Approximately four minutes into the prayer, I saw a glorious light. I saw Jesus nailed on the cross and immediately, I wept. I felt a profound sorrow to see Jesus dying in such a painful way for us sinners. My tears flowed ceaselessly and I cried out loudly. Then, I began to speak in an unknown language.

When the prayer ended, I was still weeping. Through an interpreter, one of the preachers asked me why I was in tears. I then told everyone the vision I had seen during my prayer. Later, the preacher studied the Bible with me and showed me records in the Bible of people who spoke in tongues and whose bodies vibrated when they received the Holy Spirit. The actions of the people in prayer that I had initially considered comical were actually the evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit.

Thank the Lord Jesus for His grace. Had it not been for the vision that the Lord Jesus allowed me to see and the bestowing of the precious Holy Spirit, I would not have known that the True Jesus Church is the church where God abides through the presence of the Holy Spirit and that this church can truly lead one unto salvation. After that spiritual and evangelistic convocation, I received the correct form of baptism in accordance with the Bible and became a member of the church that is saved.

May all glory be given unto the holy name of the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah, Amen.


by Daniel Ce Mui                                                          

In 2006, when I was eleven years old, my family moved from Myanmar to northern Thailand. In order to adapt to the local life and to integrate better into the society, I began attending a Thai school. I also took up Chinese lessons at a Chinese school.

In 2011, I asked my parents to transfer me to another school because I did not like the school that I was attending. When they refused, I angrily told them I would stop attending school. Thinking that this was just a passing whim, my parents did not take my request seriously. But when the school semester was about to commence, I still refused to register at the school and told my parents that I wanted to work instead. It was then that they realized that I was adamant about switching schools. After some thought, they asked me what would persuade me to continue attending that school. I negotiated for a motorcycle.  A month later, my new motorcycle arrived and I happily rode to school on it every day.

In 2011, one day after class, a teacher asked me to send her to another school. After dropping my teacher off on my motorcycle, I sped home. Because I was speeding, I was unable to stop in time when a car suddenly emerged from a small lane. I crashed into the car. The impact was so great that my new motorcycle was totally wrecked and I lost consciousness on the spot. When I woke up, I realized that both my arms were fractured. I was in such agony that I cried out loudly to God to deliver me. Unable to move, all I could do was to close my eyes and pray to God in great misery. The residents nearby sent me to the hospital.

My parents rushed to the hospital to see me. They prayed with me and encouraged me to rely on God. After our prayer, I told my father that I did not want any metal pins inserted in my arms. The doctor insisted that the metal pins were an indispensable form of support for my arms to speed up the recovery process. However, later, in the operating theatre, when the doctor removed the splint to prepare for the operation he found to his utter amazement that my left arm had healed. The doctor was stunned and perplexed because the x-ray of my left arm clearly showed a fracture. How could it be that at this point in time, my arm was perfectly fine? I knew immediately that this was God’s healing. I was so moved that I wept there.

The other arm was, however, still fractured and the doctor insisted once again that metal pins had to be inserted. However, I was even more adamant about not undergoing surgery. Seeing that I was so resolute, the doctor had no other choice but to allow me to return home to recuperate.

After I returned home, I used herbal medicine to treat my arms and prayed continuously for the healing of the Lord. Soon, the injuries to my right arm and on my legs healed. However, I was still unable to bend my index finger and to write with my right hand. Hoping to recover even faster, I prayed earnestly to God. Thank God for listening to my prayers! Within a short span of time, my index finger recovered. Soon, I was able to resume attending services. God is indeed the almighty doctor.

This incident taught me how to rely on God and helped me to grow tremendously in my faith. Now I understand that the accident was part of God’s grace to enable me to understand His great love and power. I have truly learned to pray ceaselessly, because prayer is such an important means for us to experience God and to rely on Him.

May all glory be given to the holy name of the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah, Amen.


by Daniel Ce Mui

One day in February 2013, I arranged with six of my classmates—five girls and a boy—to go out together after our classes. With the exception of my male classmate, all of us are from the True Jesus Church. It was a fine and sunny afternoon. As we were riding around, we spotted a reservoir near our school. None of us knew the topography of the reservoir sandbank as well as the water depth. But the sparkling water looked so inviting, we excitedly decided to spend the rest of the afternoon there.

Soon everyone was having a great time swimming and horsing around in the cool water. One of the girls, Ye Lisha, was enjoying herself in the water so much that she did not realize that she was getting farther and farther away from the bank. It was only when she lost her footing that she suddenly realized that she had reached a very deep part of the reservoir. Not knowing how to swim, she went under very quickly. Another classmate, Zhang Huiya, who had been standing closest to her, grabbed her but was pulled down into the water as well. A third classmate, Luo Huiling who saw Lisha and Huiya thrashing about in the water, initially thought they were fooling around. When she realized that they were in trouble, she rushed over to try to save them. But she too was pulled underwater amidst the chaos and confusion.

Subsequently, my male classmate heard their pleas for help. He quickly dived in to try to save them but was also unsuccessful. When I noticed them sinking one by one, I dived in with no second thought and quickly swam over. Since I was the strongest, all four of them clung onto me very tightly and struggled to float to the surface. Their collective weight caused me to be completely submerged. I was terrified knowing that I was about to die. I tried to shout for help but swallowed lots of water the minute I opened my mouth. At that instant, I prayed to God in my heart, “Lord Jesus please save me! Today, if You do not save us, we will all drown.”

All this time, the two younger classmates left on shore, Zhang Huali and Zhang Huixian, had been continually shouting for help, but there was no one near the reservoir. They too were worried to death. Unable to do anything else, they could only remain on shore and cry to God for help.

At this precarious moment between life and death, the Lord heard our prayers and stretched out His almighty hands. Amazingly, all of us who had sunk into the water were literally catapulted to the shore one by one (this was personally witnessed by the two classmates who had remained on the shore). We knew nothing of this because the five of us in the water had already become unconscious. When we regained consciousness, we found ourselves lying on the reservoir shore.

This was indeed the great deliverance of the Lord Jesus. Not only did He save us, He did it in the most remarkable way. Without this mighty Savior, we would not be here testifying to His amazing grace today. I shall surely remember His goodness and mercy all the days of my life. May all glory be given to the holy name of the Lord Jesus.

[1] The Akha is one of the largest indigenous hill tribes living in Thailand's northern provinces of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

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Author: Ah Zha and Daniel Ce Mui