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 (Manna 38: Women in the Bible)
Quiet Times
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If silence is golden, why are so many books written on how to speak and so few on how to be quiet? Silence, at the very least, offers protection. You don’t have to explain what you haven’t said. Besides, it’s better to remain quiet and be thought dense and witless than to speak volumes and remove all doubts.

In the expression of faith, time for silence is advisable, too. Sometimes we need to do nothing but think and leave our hearts and minds open to discovering God’s will for us. Of course, “doing nothing” isn’t natural for many Christians, so here are two hints on how to keep silent before God:

1. Think for a moment about the last time you were left speechless. Maybe you were afraid or so awestruck that you were at a loss for words. Or maybe someone said something so profound (or painfully true) that your usually quick wit slipped to half speed.

God is awesome; therefore, it’s natural—and wise—to be awestruck in His presence. The very fact that God listens to our prayers, meets our needs, and accepts our love is enough to stir such strong feelings of respect that we’re temporarily silent. Silence is faith’s exclamation of respect. And God listens to it!

2. Silence is golden in the presence of those who know more than us. God knows everything, and He wants us to know part of what He knows. Listening to God, however, is futile if you expect to hear voices inside your head. God talks through the Bible as we quietly meditate on His Word. His Holy Spirit will guide us by revealing and opening up His loving Truth. It’s good to conduct some silent, informal conversation with Him at these times. Tell Him that you want to do His will. Then go about your business, confident that God will guide your ways and your words.

Now there is something to talk about.
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Publisher: True Jesus Church