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 (Manna 75: Towards Maturity)
Experiencing God’s Power and Grace
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Testimonies from the August 2014 Youth Camp at Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Compiled by Robinson Bini—Nigeria

In August 2014, True Jesus Church Nigeria held a five-day youth camp for youths from Port Harcourt, Delta state, and Akwa-Ibom. The camp provided an opportunity for the thirty-four participants to get to know each other better, work together, share with each other, and most importantly, learn the Scriptures. In particular, participants learned about ways to overcome the challenges and temptations of this critical stage of their lives by using the whole armor of God, particularly God’s word, the sword of the Spirit (Eph 6:10–18).

The youths also prayed earnestly, especially on the last day of the camp. Through the mighty work of the Holy Spirit, the youths experienced God’s glory and power in prayer and came out of the camp, feeling a closer bond of unity in Christ.

In the following, two participants share their experience of prayer.

by Sister Hope Ononuju from Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Editor’s note: Sister Hope is 16 years old and was baptized after the youth Bible camp in August 2014.

When I came to the True Jesus Church (TJC) with my parents, I really felt that I was in the wrong church. The doctrines of the TJC are very different from those of my previous church, e.g., the mode of baptism, prayer, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. I did not understand the teachings of the true church, and frankly, these often seemed like fables and mere rituals to me. So I told people I believed that there were other true churches besides the TJC, and one such true church would be my previous church.

Despite my skepticism, I still participated in TJC activities. From August 3 to 7, 2014, I attended the TJC Nigeria youth camp. For me, the camp passed fairly uneventfully until the final prayer session on the last day.

As was the usual service procedure, before we knelt down to pray, Pastor Robinson exhorted us. He urged us to pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit, explaining to us the blessings of the Spirit. A few minutes into the prayer, I suddenly had a vision. I saw darkness in the midst of the brethren. When I worriedly asked God why it was dark, I heard a voice telling me that it was because some of us youths still lacked love for one another. I continued praying. After a while, there was a great light; it was so bright that I could not directly look at it. Puzzled, I asked God why there was light after the darkness. Once again, I heard His voice saying that these brethren had earnestly repented and thus love now dwelt in their hearts.

As I went deeper into prayer, I saw four men dressed in white robes, two at the back door and another two at the front. They were holding something in their hands. Looking more intently, I realized these were white cups. The men distributed these to everyone praying in the church except me. I wept bitterly, asking why I was left out since I had been attending the youth camp right from the beginning. I wept, shouted, and begged tearfully for my cup.

Through my tears, I heard God asking how long I had been in the TJC. “Six years,” I responded. He then said that He had been waiting for me to  accept the church and her doctrines. He explained that He had given me all this time to believe, but I had refused. He had sent me His Holy Spirit but because of my love for the things of the world, I had rejected His Spirit. After saying all these, He turned His back on me.

I cried out for mercy and forgiveness. Finally, He turned and asked me if I fully believed in the true church. I replied “Yes.” It was then that I was finally given my own gift―a cup and a Bible.

Then as I continued praying, this verse from the Scriptures came to my mind:

These things I have spoken to you, that you should not be made to stumble. (Jn 16:1)

Thank the Lord, during that prayer, I finally received the promised Holy Spirit.

Guided by this Spirit of truth, and with such a personal experience of God, I now truly believe that the True Jesus Church is the only true church. Hallelujah, Amen.

by Sister Torju Edafe, from Delta state, Nigeria

Editor’s note: Sister Torju is 17 years old.

It has always been my desire to work for the Lord. But although I had received the Holy Spirit in 2011, I knew that God had to send me before I could serve Him. So three months before the TJC Nigeria youth camp, I began to ask the Lord for the power and approval to work for Him.

During the final prayer session on the last day of the seminar, Pastor Robinson asked us to step forward to pray. A struggle began within me; there was an inner voice that urged me to obey the pastor to move to the front to kneel and pray. But there was another dissenting voice telling me that it did not matter where we pray and thus I could stay put and pray. Eventually, I heeded the latter.

In my prayer, I told God how I wanted to work for Him. After some time, I suddenly heard an actual voice telling me to go and preach, to tell people about the kingdom of God, and to win souls for the house of God. I truly felt unworthy of God’s calling. I was deeply touched that God had listened to my prayers despite my reluctance to go to the front to pray. Enjoying the deep communion with God in prayer, I prayed on. When I finally arose from the prayer, I realized that everyone else had already stopped praying and was seated.

This wonderful experience has taught me precious lessons. While we can indeed pray anywhere and at any time, God looks at our hearts. Our willingness to come humbly to the front to pray reflects our desire to draw close to Him. God delights in this simple offering of our hearts. Blessings await those whose hearts are close to the altar.

May the Lord help us to do His will, and may He give us the wisdom and power to proclaim Jesus’ name. Hallelujah, Amen.

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Author: Robinson Bini