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Strength in Confidence

Strength in Confidence

            In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. (Isaiah 30:15)

The source of our strength should come from always trusting God and putting our confidence in Him. But we often rely on our own abilities, wealth, or social networks for many matters in life. How far can they really take us?

From a young age, David learned to trust in God. In 1 Samuel 17, this trust was put to the test when he faced Goliath. Any boy at his age would clearly be hopeless in the face of a lion, never mind in the face of a giant. But with great confidence, David confronted Goliath. His confidence was not in himself, but in “the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel” (1 Sam 17:45). With this trust and confidence in God, it was not David who battled, but God who battled through him.

On the contrary, King Saul did not put his trust in God when Goliath challenged the armies of Israel in the same incident. Instead, he recruited for a soldier to fight against Goliath, promising the reward of his daughter and exemption from taxes. From this, we see that Saul’s confidence was in his own political status, wealth, and power. Not once during this ordeal did he remember to put his trust in God. As a result, he was completely powerless in overcoming his enemy.

Today when we face challenges, we may also tend to first rely on other people, our capabilities, or our own strength. But they will never take us far. Those who put their trust and confidence in God, however, have the privilege of being helped and strengthened by God Himself.

Therefore, let us always kneel quietly before God in prayers, putting our confidence in Him alone. In doing so, He will be responsible for us and ensure our well-being. And we will no longer fail by trying to overcome challenges on our own, but be victorious with the Almighty God on our side.

Reflection Questions

1.      When you come across a problem bigger than you, who do you turn to first?

2.      How has God proven to be faithful when you trusted in Him more than anything else?


Author: Peter Chen