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Gone Fishing

Peter and Andrew probably told lots of fish stories. They were professionals who worked hard at a job they enjoyed. The Lord Jesus knew just how to reach them. He had a knack for making ordinary people into disciples. Tax collectors, tent makers, physicians, and homemakers all followed Him when He called.

Jesus called you too. He wants you to do a little fishing, so look at the pond around you and make some plans. If you work or live with other Christians, fishing isn't so challenging. However, Christians need to share their bait!

If unbelievers inhabit your pond, you have some challenges ahead. But if you recall the Lord's words to Peter and Andrew, He said that He would make them fishers of future believers. You're not in the boat alone. The Lord Jesus provides energy and vigor for the task. Pray for the angler's chief virtue, tool: patience. As we share what Christ means to us and invite others into Christ's creel, some will only nibble at the prospect, afraid to commit. Gentle perseverance guided by the Holy Spirit will eventually win their confidence. Others will take us at our word—hook, line, and sinker. What a joyful catch when the Holy Spirit latches onto those eager to feed on God's Word! Of course, every fisherman encounters the ones that refuse to bite.

Go fishing today. Whatever you do for a living, you can fish, too. Every catch is a keeper regardless how small. Ask our Lord to guide you and don't be afraid of getting skunked once in a while. It happened to the disciples, too. Both in the boat and out.

Publisher: True Jesus Church