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Jesus Marveled

Jesus Marveled

There are numerous places in the Bible that record people who were amazed by or in awe of Jesus. The people marveled at His very different teachings and at the extraordinary miracles He performed. But there are few recordings of Jesus marveling. One such recording is in Luke 7:9:

         When Jesus heard these things, He marveled at [the centurion], and turned around and said to the crowd that followed Him, “I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!”

This is the only recording of Jesus marveling in a positive sense. The only other time that Jesus marveled was at the unbelief of those in His hometown (Mk 6:6). So what was it that so impressed the Lord Jesus about this Gentile centurion?

This centurion was described as “deserving” of Jesus’ help since he built a synagogue for the people and was said to love the Jewish nation. The lengths he took to send elders to plead and obtain help from Jesus clearly show the compassion he had for his ailing servant. Though the centurion was successful and powerful, he was unaffected by the elevated opinion others had of him.

He sent a message to Jesus saying, “Lord, do not trouble Yourself, for I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof. Therefore I did not even think myself worthy to come to You. But say the word, and my servant will be healed” (Lk 7:6-7).

The centurion was used to commanding soldiers around every day, but his humility was unique in that he understood that there was a difference when it came to his status before the Lord Jesus. For all his worldly power, he was powerless when it came to the life of his beloved servant. But because of his worldly authority, he also had experienced that any words he spoke would be carried out. Therefore, he had faith in Jesus’ authority—that He could just speak the words and his servant would be healed.

Even the Jews who wanted to be healed brought their sick before the Lord. Their actions manifested an inner conviction that Jesus had the power to heal. The men who lowered their friend through a roof in order to get him through a crowd to Jesus also showed admirable faith. But there is no other example in the Bible in which a person who sought for healing requested for Jesus only to speak the words, believing that that was enough. What great faith indeed!

Question for Reflection

1.     Is it your belief or your unbelief that causes Jesus to marvel?


Author: Ruhamah