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Doubt and Restoration

There are things that happen to us in this life that cause us to falter in our faith towards God. And there are times when we feel that God is so far away that our prayers seem to go nowhere. Sometimes we falter and stumble so badly that it is easy to believe that the Lord could never use us or trust us again. When doubt settles in, it can tear at our soul like a raging bear.

Peter boasted more than once that he would rather die with Jesus than deny his Lord. Even when Jesus warned Peter that he would betray Him, Peter stood and affirmed his promise. But when it came down to it, Peter could not stand the pressure and denied Jesus three times. When Jesus looked at Peter, his heart was crushed and he went out and wept bitterly. He had just failed his Master in the very thing he had proudly boasted he would never do. He was alone, and inconsolable.

After Jesus appeared to Mary and the women, He appeared to Peter alone. Why would Jesus make a special appearance for Peter? John 21 records a scene where Jesus restored Peter’s faith. Peter was in great need of restoration. He was so convinced that Jesus would never use him again that he had decided to go back to his fishing business.

Jesus knows our weaknesses. He knows how frail and weak we really are. The mighty apostle Peter was no different than we are now. Jesus knew Peter would fail miserably that night and He had warned Peter. But, just like us, Peter thought he knew better. His confidence in his own strength was his downfall. Yet Jesus did not rebuke him for his weakness. He came with love and encouragement to the broken-hearted disciple. We all will doubt from time to time, to varying degrees and about different things, regarding our faith. It is part of the growing process. In the end, when we have turned again to Jesus, our faith will be made stronger.

Publisher: True Jesus Church