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Hamburger or hot dog? This dress or that one? Honda or Audi? Which job? Which school? Which person for a spouse? Whatever the circumstance, all of us have been at a point of indecision that can be overwhelming. What is God’s will and where does the Lord step in? Perhaps having a hamburger or a hot dog isn't a big decision, but what about those that are?

Oftentimes indecision and the will of God seem to mesh into one great big ball of confusion, leaving us uncertain and pained with frustration. When we make a conscious choice between A and B, does that mean the selection we settle on is the will of God? In fact, sometime indecision can be an unconscious expression of greed. We always want the best deal—the best buy, the best job, the best school, the best car, the best girl/guy for a spouse. When we think along these lines, we forget how our Lord in heaven plays a role in the quality of life that we live. The closer we are to the Lord, the clearer more things become and the easier it is for us to settle on our plans. For it no longer becomes "What is the best?" but rather, "What do I need according to the Lord?" The best is not always beneficial.

Most of us live in an affluent society where not only are our needs met, but we also have an abundance of choices. We must give thanks for such a fountain of wealth, but we also need to pray more—that the Lord does not give us beyond what we can handle, lest we become desirous of things belonging to this world. Learning to be thankful and satisfied with what the Lord bestows upon us, according to our needs, is an important life lesson. He is a loving and giving God. When our requests meet His pleasure, the Lord grants us according to His mercy and love. Thus, it is not about what is best, but how much we spend our lives pleasing Him. Therefore, make decisions with the sole intention of pleasing God. Delight yourself in the Lord.

May the Lord know and grant us according to our needs, so that we might remain confident in His guidance and not become swayed by indecision that stems from a covetous heart.

Publisher: True Jesus Church