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 (Manna 85: TJC at 100 – Towards the Triumphant Church)
IA: Utilizing the Internet to Spread the Everlasting Gospel
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Shawn Chou—San Jose, California, USA

A century ago, God opened the door of salvation of the end time and entrusted His gospel to the early workers of the True Jesus Church (TJC). He guided them by the Holy Spirit, enabling them to propagate the gospel from generation to generation. Despite the many social, environmental, and ideological changes that transpired throughout the past century, the gospel preached by the True Jesus Church has remained intact. Indeed, it is the same unchanging message taught by Jesus and His apostles.

Elder John witnessed this vision:

Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth—to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people—saying with a loud voice, “Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water.” (Rev 14:6–7)

Before our Lord Jesus returns to judge the world, God will send an angel to spread the everlasting gospel once more. This angel refers to the true church, because only she has the everlasting gospel, predetermined by God even before creation. Out of His abundant grace and mercy, God sent us with the commission to preach this gospel to the world in the last days. The Lord is “not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” (2 Pet 3:9b).

The ways we live, work, and communicate have been transformed by technology since the advent of the twenty-first century. The experience of growing up as a post-millennial, digital native—at a time in which an infinite amount of information is ever at our fingertips—is a world away from the formative years of older generations. The advancement of digital technology has many advantages but one thing that it cannot do is fill the innate emptiness of man’s heart. In fact, it could even hasten the corruption of our hearts—the devil certainly makes use of the internet’s reach, with its ubiquity and inherent anonymity to spread immorality, idle distractions, and heresies to draw souls away from God.

However, the internet is, in and of itself, neither good nor bad; it is a neutral platform, where diverse views and voices flourish. Therefore, as the true church, we have an obligation to enter the melee and bring God’s message to the masses. When members start using the internet as a tool for evangelism rather than a means of entertainment—much of which is detrimental to our spiritual lives—we will make great progress. If we use the internet positively and wisely, taking full advantage of its speed and spread, we will become like the flying angel preaching the gospel to the whole world.  


As mentioned, the internet is widely accessible and unconstrained by geographical limits. Hence, the gospel can now reach any corner of the earth that has internet access and anyone searching for the truth may discover it. We thank God that the International Assembly (IA) has recognized this potential impact and has worked to strengthen and expand the internet ministry over the past four years. In June 2017—during the centennial year of the True Jesus Church—the IA launched its newly revamped website, tjc.org. With this improved platform, it is easier for each general assembly, coordination center, and local church to build their own microsite, where they can upload and embed engaging content for evangelism and pastoral purposes. The IA Literary Department will supply all technological information and support so that every general assembly can actively participate in this important holy work.

Since the launch of the new website, we have received queries from around the world regarding our teachings. With churches in sixty countries spread across six continents, we are able to effectively mobilize the local workers whenever we receive a query. For example, when we received an email query from a non-TJC church in Nigeria in October 2017, our local church workers promptly contacted them. In that same week, three truth-seekers from that church joined us for our Sabbath worship. They willingly knelt to pray with us and studied our ten basic beliefs. We do not know whether these truth-seekers will ultimately accept the truth. But God will be with our workers and grant a fruitful outcome, as long as we are faithful and diligently follow up on the truth-seekers’ needs.


We live in a world where society is becoming more individualistic, where people do not feel the need to seek God, never mind humbling themselves to accept the truth. Hence, the internet ministry must be guided by the Holy Spirit. We need the members’ constant prayers to make sure the internet ministry aligns with God’s will and has God’s abidance. No matter how attractive our digital content may be, without God’s direction, our efforts will be ineffective.

We are also in need of more manpower. In order to attract visitors to our websites in this fast-paced and overcrowded online world, our content requires regular enhancement and updates. For example, in the last few years, we have focused on producing videos in both Chinese and English, covering content such as short expositions on the gospel, basic belief courses for truth-seekers, and testimonies. It is hoped that in the near future, we will be able to branch out into producing multimedia materials in a wider range of languages to broaden our target audience. In addition, we hope to develop interactive religious education tools that will help bring Bible stories to life for our children.

To accomplish the above, we need gifted workers—translators, web developers, app designers, web content managers, photographers, video and music producers, just to name a few. As we would have to employ some of these workers on a full-time basis, and purchase the necessary computer software and equipment, funding is also essential.

May God move more brothers and sisters to support the internet and multimedia ministries through offering continuous prayers, faithful service, or even financial contributions. In this way, the internet ministry will become a fundamental part of spreading the everlasting gospel to the ends of the earth.


Our web content can be split into two categories. The first category aims to achieve our primary goal of spreading the gospel by systematically introducing our ten basic beliefs.

The second category focuses on our pastoral ministry. To help members spiritually nurture themselves in the comfort of their homes and have access to church literature on the go, we set up an electronic library (e-Library) containing digitized copies of church publications. The e-Library is also regularly updated with recordings of sermons, seminars, and testimony sessions from churches worldwide, as well as online theological courses as part of the e-Learning component. Furthermore, the IA is currently developing an online study Bible (bible.tjc.org) as a tool for members preparing Bible studies and sermons.

We have been blessed with digital resources containing a wealth of information. Let us make full use of them so that we may work with God in increasing the nation and expanding the borders of the true church (Isa 26:15).


If you are a True Jesus Church member who is interested in dedicating your gifts/expertise to help the internet ministry in any way, or if you are moved to contribute financially towards this ministry, please email us at  ia@tjc.org for more information.

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Author: Shawn Chou
Publisher: True Jesus Church