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 (Manna 87: Feed My Lambs, Tend My Sheep)
Delivered From Demons
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Mimintha Mok—London, UK

Hallelujah, in the name of the Lord Jesus I testify.

I was born into a Buddhist and Taoist family in Malaysia, and some of my relatives served as temple mediums. When I was six years old, my cousin started mentoring me in copying and reciting Buddhist scriptures, and I became a fervent worshipper. However, from the age of twelve, demons tormented me and disturbed my sleep every two to three days. At times, the frequency increased so that it became a nightly occurrence. They snatched my blanket away and pressed down on me, and I felt like I was falling into hell. Occasionally, they ridiculed me with their blood-curdling voices; it was petrifying. No amount of struggle or recitation of Buddhist scriptures in my heart—because I could not find my voice—could save me from these ordeals. If I did manage to move my fingers, the demons would challenge me afresh. My younger sister, who shared a room with me, was sometimes woken by my pathetic struggles and would attempt to rouse me. I remember feeling too terrified to sleep. My parents spent a fortune on charms and amulets from the many temples we visited. I drank a lot of ritual water, prepared by burning paper charms and mixing with water, and incessantly recited Buddhist scriptures, but nothing helped. The demons continued to torment me for the next nine years.

In 2000, when I was fifteen, this unceasing torment led to a diagnosis of severe insomnia and depression. I constantly battled with sleep and demonic attacks; not willing to succumb, I would convulse to the point of throwing up. Many times, I took a knife, wanting to slash my own wrists to end all this misery, but I lacked the courage to go through with it. During this period, a dear cousin of mine became demon-possessed and stopped eating and sleeping. She finally died of multiple organ failure. When I attended her funeral, as well as mourning for her, I was anxious that I might end up like her. Only my family knew of my situation; I had to keep all this under wraps from even my closest friends, for fear of being labelled psychotic. I had neither peace nor hope for the future. I no longer believed in the existence of a benevolent higher power, only the existence of demons, and I was convinced that their power was unrivalled.

Around 2004, at the age of nineteen and still suffering from depression and insomnia, I became fascinated with Oriental numerology and astrology, favoring tarot card readings and the Western zodiac. I found that I had psychic powers of clairvoyance and prediction. I was said to have the potential of a great fortune-teller, who could help others avoid tragic fates. I did not know that the spirits who aided me were evil. So I began fortune-telling as a hobby, performing it on my friends. I did not ask for money, because seeing them achieve what they wanted was enough to satisfy my pride. Ironically, even as a fortune-teller, I could not foresee an end to my own torments. I was always physically exhausted.


In 2006, I began a new job as a call-centre team manager. But because I was suffering from severe insomnia, I appeared listless at work. This prompted my colleagues to inquire about my welfare, and I opened up to them. I even asked them, "Do you believe there are demons in this world? Or do you think I have a mental illness?"

One of them, a Christian, replied that he believed demons exist, because the Bible says so. He suggested I pray to Jesus, "the God who created the heavens and earth and humankind," to help me out of my misery. In a fit of anger, I retorted, "You don’t need to preach to me about Jesus. I have worshipped a multitude of gods and none has been able to save me from insomnia and torment! I do not believe there is a God! I only believe in the existence of demons and a mystical force in the universe that facilitates foreknowledge. There is definitely no God!" He persisted, asking me to just try, saying that prayers to Jesus are free of charge. When I heard the word "free" I was stunned—to me, "peace" could only be bought with money—if I forgot to put money in the coffers of the temple or to recite Buddhist scriptures, then this "peace" would expire.

However, curiosity drove me to try praying before bedtime. This was the beginning of God's patient and loving guidance. I knelt and prayed to Jesus in the manner my colleague taught me. Amazingly, I spoke to Him for one hour! I had never said a Christian prayer before; it was unbelievable, like unburdening to a close friend or a father, and I found myself becoming emotional. In my ignorance, I even said to Jesus that, since all my ancestors were Buddhists and Taoists, if He saved me I would be unable to switch my religious allegiance. I said that I hoped He could make an allowance for this.

When I fell asleep that night, three demons entered my bedroom. I saw that they were taller than the house itself! I was petrified and shaking uncontrollably. I had never seen such gigantic demons! I tried my best to recite Buddhist scriptures, but to no avail. I thought I was going to die or go mad.

At my wits end, with tears welling up in my eyes, I suddenly thought about my prayer to Jesus earlier and hurriedly cried, "Lord Jesus, please save me!" Before I completed the sentence, a strong ray of light shone on me and, even though my eyes were closed, I saw two angels with wings appear before me. The holy brilliance of the light shocked me—it was otherworldly. In an instant, the three demons melted away and I fell asleep.

When I awoke the next day, I thought it had all been a dream. I thought it impossible for angels to exist—that was too far-fetched. Although I did not believe in God, I knew I had experienced a miracle, and I felt unusually joyful and peaceful. I was no longer depressed. I told my mother that my depression was healed and I did not require any medication or charms from the temple, without disclosing that I had prayed to the Lord Jesus and had witnessed the appearance of angels. Although I was puzzled by the turn of events, this peaceful period lasted for over six months.


In 2007, my newfound peace was shattered during a holiday in Thailand with my friends. At noon one day, I was taking a nap in the hotel alone and suddenly realized I could not move. Countless demons came out of the walls to attack me. In my terror, I remembered the Lord Jesus who had previously saved me, and I immediately prayed to Him for deliverance. The Lord again sent angels to protect me. The same brilliant light shone on me and, with a loud bang, the demons were driven back and they disappeared. I knew that this was not a dream; it was real. But still I stubbornly refused to believe in God’s existence.

Fortunately, God did not withdraw His love, for I had another six months of peace. Gradually, I came to realize that this God, Jesus, was different from others. He had not only delivered me instantly when I called on His name, but had also filled my heart with so much peace and joy that I was depression-free and sleeping soundly every night for a year. Before this, I had endured nine years of disturbed sleep—I had almost forgotten what sleep was like. The change in me was miraculous.

One night I was unable to get to sleep, because I had an important meeting the next day. I again thought about the Lord and prayed to ask Him to help me sleep. I fell asleep, but woke to see a huge face shining brightly, surrounded by a golden mist. Somehow, I knew from the depth of my soul that I was looking at the Savior. He put His hand down gently and two angels instantly appeared before me. I felt as if my body was floating in mid-air, like I was a minute grain of sand in the Lord’s palm. I felt that I was full of sins, and scenes of all the wrongs I had committed throughout my life played out in my mind. I cried uncontrollably and sincerely pleaded with the Lord to forgive me. I resolved to turn over a new leaf and asked Him to guide me. Then I fell asleep.


The next day when I woke up, I was greatly moved. I immediately prayed to Jesus and promised to go to His church just once. I had accepted that He is the true God, the only God who could save me, but I had to hide my belief from my family. So I only prayed to Him occasionally. Nine years of suffering ended—I no longer suffered demonic attacks and insomnia. However, I continued to dabble in fortune-telling as I was deeply deceived by this mysterious power by which spirits would reveal my clients’ pasts to me. Later, with growing pride, I imagined myself in control of my life, and doubted God's place in my life.

As a result, the same old problems resurfaced in 2011, but, this time, no matter how I prayed, there was no deliverance from Jesus. Not only that, the demons also started disturbing my sister for the first time. Every other night, she would shake and call out for help. All I could do was wake her and help her sit up in bed. When I looked at her, it was as if I were seeing my previous self.


Jesus had given me five years of peace, between 2006 and 2011, so why was He ignoring me now? Was I to blame? I sincerely repented in prayer and asked for His deliverance as before. Mid-prayer, He let me recall my unfulfilled promise—to attend His church. I told Him I was confused: many of my friends were Christians from various denominations, including the Catholic Church; there were also many different churches nearby, and I did not know which one to attend. I prayed that the Lord would send someone to bring me to church—His true church.

Miraculously, after this prayer, the devil no longer disturbed me or my sister in our sleep. Two days later, I met a friend I had not seen for a long time. Surprisingly, he started to preach to me, and I decided to attend a service with him, to find out more about the church he enthused about. I discovered that this church was True Jesus Church, located in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. During this period of truth-seeking, I told the church ministers what I had encountered, and they referred me patiently to the Bible. I found that the Bible confirmed the existence of angels. It says that demons are actually fallen angels who did not keep their proper domain, but left their abode and therefore sinned against God (Jude 6), whereas angels are ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those who will inherit salvation (Heb 1:14).

I discovered for myself that the gospel preached by the True Jesus Church accords fully with the teachings of Jesus, and that she is the church established by the latter rain of the Holy Spirit, the church of the living God and the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Tim 3:15). After a month of prayer and studying the truth, I knew with certainty that this was the church God wanted me to join. I realized that my psychic powers and night disturbances had all originated from the devil (Acts 16:16–18). In the process of searching for the truth, I sincerely sought God's forgiveness and salvation, making a clean break from idolatry, fortune-telling and consulting with spirits.


I thank the Lord that, after two months of studying His words and attending doctrine lessons at church, I received His precious Holy Spirit. In 2011, when I was twenty-six, I was baptized into Christ, and He led my mother to be baptized the following year. God's compassion is enduring; although I did not know Him in the past, He had chosen me. Three times when I prayed, He sent His angels to save me, and He never stopped showering His loving kindness on me. Since coming to the true church, I have been completely free from evil torment.

Examining my faith today, I recall all my past difficulties and trials. I now have peace and quietness, because I know that I can rely on God to overcome all tribulations. I truly thank the true God, our Lord Jesus Christ, for delivering me out of darkness into His marvellous light, and making me a citizen of His kingdom, so that I am able to enjoy peace in this life and have the hope of eternal life. I am convinced that, apart from Jesus, there is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved (Acts 4:12).

May all glory be unto the Lord. Amen.

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Author: Mimintha Mok
Publisher: True Jesus Church
Date: 02/20/2019