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Healed from a Malignant Brain Tumor

I was raised in a Christian family from the True Jesus Church. I now live in a provincial town in Fuzhou, China.

My sickness began in January 1996 with headaches that I mistook for symptoms of flu. As the pain became more acute, however, I went for a CT scan at the local City Hospital on April 22nd. The results revealed a 2 x 2.5 cm tumor. One week later, I was admitted to the General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Sector in Fuzhou for a 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exam. The results showed a 4 x 2.5 cm tumor located at the central part of my brain. It was at the terminal stage of malignancy, and surgery was not possible. The only alternative was laser therapy, but the high cost (tens of thousands in Renminbi) and the threat of permanent brain damage and other side effects deterred us from continuing after two futile sessions.

My condition worsened by the day. As the tumor swelled, it pressed against some nerves and caused me to lapse into periods of unconsciousness. During the first half of May, these periods occurred once or twice a day, each time lasting for about 30 minutes. On May 20th and 21st, the frequency increased to more than ten times a day. On May 22nd, I was unconscious most of the day. During my brief periods of consciousness, such excruciating pain gripped me that I kept screaming and wishing that I could hack off my head and die. The doctors had operated twice on me to drain out the fluid that had accumulated in my brain and relieve the agony. The bloody and purulent fluid had filled several small containers.

The best doctors in that hospital could do nothing to cure me. I was contemplating a transfer to another hospital but an authority in the field of brain tumors told me I was suffering from the worst of three incurable pathological conditions in medical science. Moreover, the tumor was so precariously positioned that no technology in the world could help. Even if I were to transfer to another hospital for surgery, at best I would end up a living vegetable. "If this hospital cannot do anything," he said, "it will be worse elsewhere." So I decided to go home and rely totally on the Lord. When we come to a dead end, God begins His work.

On May 23rd, I returned home. The doctors feared that the tedious journey would put me in danger, and specially arranged for me to take along oxygen tanks. My family also prepared for the worst. Yet under God's protection and care, I experienced none of the half-hourly bouts of pain that led to unconsciousness. I felt very little pain. My family realized there was no cure medical science could offer me. Our only hope was to rely totally on God Almighty. The entire family fasted and prayed, while many churches offered incessant prayers for me. Many brethren came to visit and prayed with me for the mercy of God.

At midnight the next day, I felt someone telling me I had only four days to live, and I became frantic. This was the devil's work. The following day, on the Sabbath, many believers were praying for me. Suddenly, the devil appeared. He announced that he had come because my love of the world and weak faith had given him the opportunity to disturb me. After much earnest prayer, we drove Satan away and I felt relieved. At 2 p.m. the same day, we started praying again, and I was filled with the Holy Spirit and said, "The Lord will operate on me." At that moment I felt the tissue around the tumor being removed.

The next day, at about 7:30 p.m., the grace of the Lord came upon me. Everyone in the house had gone to church except my mother and me. I was lying in bed praying when suddenly, a shockwave ran through my head like an electric current, numbing me. I thought it was another seizure, and that the Lord was taking me home. I shouted, "M-o-m, pray! Quick!" I then felt as though my entire body had become anaesthetized. I could only manage to sing some hymns with my mouth. Half an hour later, I was filled with the Spirit in prayer and felt a force opening up my clasped hands and placing a soft round object in my palm. After that, I clasped my hands tighter, but the force opened my hands again. This happened a total of four times. The last time, I even tossed the object in my hand lightly a few times. Great comfort and joy swept over me.

I was still praying as the people returned from church after 8 pm. They were about 50 meters away from my house when they heard the sound of many people praying in my room. My relatives thought that something had happened to me. They rushed in but were amazed to see only my mother and me. Actually, a host of angels had been praying for me and operating on me. They even placed the tumor in my palm to make the experience more vivid. On May 28th, I could sit up by myself on the bed and even get up to walk. Oh, what joy I felt! I laughed and sang loudly, praising Jesus for His glorious work on me. It was then that my mother discovered a surgical scar on the right side of my skull, shaped like an olive. This was the exact position the doctors had intended to make the surgical incision. The angels the Lord had sent had left this mark on me as a testimony.

Before my sickness, I had a full head of beautiful hair. At Fuzhou Hospital, I was totally shaven. Now that my hair has started to grow, it contrasts with the whitish scar on my head and attests to the greatness of God's grace. I can now eat and drink normally, and attend Sabbath services. Not only can I walk normally, I can even stand for an hour to testify in church. This is how the Lord personally healed me of a brain tumor. I will lift up my voice to praise Jesus, for only He is my greatest trust, and only He is able to heal me.

O Lord, You are the Almighty and Sovereign God. I will follow You and bear witness for You all the days of my life. To You I pledge my faithful service and resolution to proclaim Your gospel. May all the glory be given to God in heaven. Hallelujah, Amen!

Publisher: True Jesus Church