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 (Manna 32: Knowing God's Will)
God is Everywhere... Close to Me
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God is Everywhere

The light, light comes from heaven
God is everywhere.
There, here, He is with me,
God is everywhere.
O God, where is God? On earth, He goes
around and round me,
God is everywhere.
God cares about me, is happy and sad with me
even though He is so great.
God is everywhere.
God's path is with me, guiding me
God is everywhere.
Forever amen.
(Jan 9, 2000)

Don't Worry

Hallelujah, don't worry.
In our daily life, day and night
God will see us.
Don't worry, in our sickness
God will heal us.
Don't worry, heaven and earth,
God will lead us, anywhere we go.
(Oct 2, 1998)

Shine in Me

Shine in me, clean up flesh-
no more sin come into my
Shine in me, shine in me,
My fear is no more from darkness.
Shine in me, shine in me,
don't come close to my sin.
Shine in me, shine in me,
wake up my eyes, shine in me.
(Nov 13, 1999)

Close to Me

One day, the light comes in
everywhere, God is close to me.
My faith will not fall if I keep away from
sin, God is close to me.
Prayer and Bible study keeps me busy, I
vow, God is close to me.
The light comes in and touches my
heart, God is close to me.
No other church, no other Bible, no other gods, God is close to me.
(Jan 7, 2000)

Poems written by Shan-Li Lei, a deaf sister from Pacifica, California, USA

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Publisher: True Jesus Church