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The world is a mess
So full of stress
For those who live in darkness
They are trying their best

Tell them that there is One
Who can do them much better
Spell it out for them
Right down to the letter

Many want to do right
But still they do wrong
They know they are weak
So tell them Who's strong

Tell them about yourself
Having been tried, even tested
But can overcome all things
Through His Spirit manifested

Jesus came for those lost
Spoke with them too
Being who He is in all His glory
He did this, so why can't you?

Don't worry about what people think
Don't worry about what is said
Not only does God go with you
But know He goes ahead

The season is near
We must realize
The harvest is ripe
So—go evangelize

What does it take
For you to plant the seed?
The full armor of God
That's all that you need

Help restore a soul
For what good is the truth
If it's not being told?

For where would you be
If someone had not told you
So be a faithful witness
It's the commanded thing to do!!!

Now listen closely
And make this discovery
Rejection from man is nothing
But from God—No recovery

Be ye disciples
Be ye wise
See their sorrows
Hear their cries—Evangelize

Publisher: True Jesus Church