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Visiting the Church

We welcome you and your family to join any of our local congregations for worship and fellowship. Regular Sabbath service is held on Friday evening and throughout the day on Saturday. On your first visit, an usher will greet you at the door and ask you your name so that you may be included in the introductions at the end of service. Ushers will also provide you with a hymnbook, a Bible (if you choose not to bring your own), and direct you to a seat.

Worship Services

At the beginning of service, the congregation will be led in singing some hymns from the hymnbook. These serve to prepare our hearts for worship and direct our focus towards God and His teaching.

The typical format of service consists of:

  • Silent prayer – led by the speaker; congregation remains seated.
  • Hymn – from the hymnbook provided; congregation stands.
  • Prayer in understanding – led by the speaker; congregation remains standing.
  • Sermon – a message based on the Scriptures, delivered by the speaker; congregation remains seated.
  • Hymn – from the hymnbook provided; congregation stands.
  • Prayer in the Spirit – congregation kneels. Each individual prays to the Lord Jesus Christ, offering praise and requests according to their needs. Those who have received the promised Holy Spirit, in the same manner as the apostles in Acts 2, may pray in spiritual tongues. The speaker will ring a bell to signal the end of the prayer, and will lead the congregation in reciting the Lord’s Prayer or in singing a refrain of a hymn to conclude.

On occasion, the minister may invite congregants who would like to pray for the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit or other needs to kneel at the front of the chapel for the final prayer. The minister(s) will pray with them in the Spirit by laying hands on them.

Services are approximately 70 minutes long, and are followed by announcements and introductions. Please note that due to the different backgrounds of the congregation, services may be bilingual. (If you should require additional translation, please notify the usher and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.)

We do not pass a plate for offerings during our services.

Additional Activities and Meetings

Please join us for our fellowship meal on the Sabbath so we can get to know each other better. You are also invited to attend any of a number of other services and activities held (schedules are posted and available at the local church):

Religious Education classes – from kindergarten through college-age youth.
Bible study – a group discussion on a particular passage or topic, led by a leader.
Inquirers class – for non-members who would like to study the truth in further depth.
Youth fellowship – for young adults (usually 16 and older).
Sisters fellowship – for women 18 years and older.
Couples fellowship – for married couples.
Evergreen fellowship – for seniors.

Appropriate Dress

When we gather to worship the Lord, it is most important that we come with a sincere and reverent heart. But we also reflect our attitudes with neat and respectful dress. As 1 Timothy 2:9 tells us, we should "dress modestly, with decency and propriety."

Other Information

If you should require anything during your visit, please do not hesitate to approach one of the ushers. You may also direct your inquiries to one of the local church council members. The local church council includes Religious Affairs, General Affairs, and Financial Affairs officers. They will be happy to address any questions you may have about the church, services, or personal needs.

Publisher: True Jesus Church