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 (Manna 93: Time to Reflect: Our Faith)
If God Were…
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Ruby Leung—Houston, Texas, USA
Translated from Chinese

If God were a cloud, I would wish to be the grass,
thirsting for the rain.

If God were a flower, I would wish to be a butterfly
fluttering nearby.

If God were a great tree, would He allow me to build
a nest in His branches?

If God were a river, I would wish to be a rowboat,
floating afar on His currents.

If God were a pasture, I would wish to be the sound
of the morning flute, joyfully welcoming the new day.

If God were a mountain, I would wish to be a nightingale
dwelling on His heights, singing the praises of my Creator through the night.

If God were a large meadow, I would wish to be a lamb
in His presence.

If God were a wanderer, I would wish to be a dog,
faithfully following Him, always together and never

In life or death, forever in His embrace.
He is the Master I will look to every day of my life.

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Author: Ruby Leung
Publisher: True Jesus Church
Date: 10/10/2022