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Growth: A Father's Reflection

"When I am four years old," Joseph said,
"I can eat ice-cream and chocolates and sweets!"
Yes but now you're still coughing I'm afraid
So please hand over that sweet and that chocolate
And that is just what he did obediently
Of course not without some thought
As longingly he looked at the confectionery
But somewhere in that innocent mind
The past of racking coughs and the future of
Better treats told him, "Papa's right
And I'll have so much more when I'm four."

"Tell me a story Papa," Joseph asked
"I want Three Little Pigs and The Rabbit and The Tortoise."
Were you a good boy today? Did you pray?
To which he would always say yes
Even though Grandma would smilingly report
An altercation in the morning with him
And then with some prompting he would say Sorry
Could we get on with the Story?
Once upon a time, a rabbit laughed at a tortoise...
"That's no good, right?" Joseph quizzed.

"Today is tomorrow Papa," Joseph said
"It's time to take me to the playground,"
And that is just what I did obediently
For promises made to a child must be kept
The exquisite occasion when mortal man
Shines in the image of God and we are reminded
That the Father always keeps His promises
And as I take his little hand in mine
And then watch him merrily go down a monster slide
I realize that he had grown
And through the years ahead
Both of us must continue to grow
Until the fullness of Christ in us may show.

Author: Tay Eng Guan
Publisher: True Jesus Church