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 (Manna 45: A Life of Servitude)
Pearls in Tears
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Joseph Shek — Sacramento, California, USA

There's a shiny pearl in every teardrop
So don't underrate your tears when you pray
He will not forsake the tiniest drop
He'll save the pearls and wipe the tears away

In the home above, we each own a jar
Inside the jars are pearls He has gathered
God hides them in His robe close to His heart—
A place of warmth and love beyond tether

In the holy city there is a gate
There's a pearly gate that He left ajar
He made it so high, so wide and so great
Inlaid with some pearls saved in His heart

His love is so high, so wide and so great
He sees the pearls and leaves open the gate

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Publisher: True Jesus Church