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Ezekiel Chapter 21 and 22

Ezekiel Chapter 21 and 22

I.       Ezekiel Chapter 21: Prophesy of Coming of Judgment

A.     Prophesy against Sanctuaries and Surround (21:1-7)

1.        Against Sanctuaries (focus on God’s places) (1-3)

2.        Against Dwellers in Jerusalem (focus on the communities) (4-7)

B.     Judgment by the Sword of the Lord (21:8-17)

·         Sharpened and Polished to make a slaughter (Imminent Judgment) (8-13)

·         Let the sword be the third time for the slain (Sever Judgment) (14-17)

C.     The Instrument of God’s Judgment (21:18-32)

·         Against Jerusalem (18-27)

·         Against Ammon (28-32)

·         Renew our relationship with God (Jer 33:3)

·         God’s Judgment will be covered whole world

II.    Ezekiel Chapter 22 :The Sins of Israel

A.     Cause of the Judgment (22:1-12)

1.        Cause her to know all her abominations (1-2)

2.        Defiled themselves to be caused of their own shame (3-5)

3.        Wicked actions from the rulers (6-12)

·         Total corruption of Israel came from the disrespect of God’s commandments.

·         The wrong knowledge of God led them to worship in idols (Ps 119:14,16)

·         The wrong knowledge of God led them to disobedience of God’s law.

B.     Necessity of Judgment and Spiritual cleansing (22:13-22)

·         The Lord have spoken and shall act (13,14)

·         Detail descriptions of the Judgment (15-16)

·         Cleansing by the Judgment (17-22)

C.     The Objects of Judgment (22:23-31)

·         Religious leaders and Rulers(23-28)

·         Corrupted people(29-31)

·         All the people should seek the true knowledge of God (Hos 4:6)

·         Spiritual readers have to stick to the truth of the Scriptures (Acts 6:4)

·         All saints have to keep the truth and pure life (Rom 12:1, 2) (Mt 5:13).

Publisher: True Jesus Church