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 (Manna 26)
The Well
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Each morn as I open my eyes,

A voice in me would say;

Before you attempt anything,

Go to the well today.

I know of a fathomless well,

Where living waters flow;

It matters not where I am, it's

Never too far to go.

There are many things in this world

That would lead me astray;

But they do not tempt me-I have

Been to the well today.

Some days are harder than others,

I stumble, almost fall;

And those days I tarry longer

At the well, I would stall.

Thanks be to our dear Lord JESUS

For showing me the way;

I drew grace, peace, mercy, love and

More at the well today.

And when the day has drawn from me,

I lower my vessel;

There returning in prayer to God,

I know that I am well.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church