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 (Manna 26)
The Well
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ARThe WellHow does a fathomless well make us well? Find out the secret of this life-sustaining source.Sister Mitchell gives thanks to our dear Father in heaven for His love and grace. Without His guidance and comfort, we would not "be well." Her understanding that as God's children we can rely on Him and cast all our cares on Him gives the reader great encouragement.

Each morn as I open my eyes,

A voice in me would say;

Before you attempt anything,

Go to the well today.

I know of a fathomless well,

Where living waters flow;

It matters not where I am, it's

Never too far to go.

There are many things in this world

That would lead me astray;

But they do not tempt me-I have

Been to the well today.

Some days are harder than others,

I stumble, almost fall;

And those days I tarry longer

At the well, I would stall.

Thanks be to our dear Lord JESUS

For showing me the way;

I drew grace, peace, mercy, love and

More at the well today.

And when the day has drawn from me,

I lower my vessel;

There returning in prayer to God,

I know that I am well.

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Publisher: True Jesus Church