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 (Manna 25: Walking Together)
The Calling of God
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Hallelujah! I thank God for His immense grace that enables me to relate my personal testimony of how Jesus called me to enter His fold. With His tender love and abundant mercy, my Lord Jesus Christ weaved the scarlet thread of salvation through my life. May all glory be given to the holy name of Jesus, our Almighty God in heaven.

In October 1987, I was brought to the True Jesus Church at Telok Kurau, Singapore. Immediately upon crossing the threshold of the gate, I sensed an overwhelming peace that hovered in the air. Strangely, I felt that I had come home. It was my first encounter with the entire congregation praying in tongues and it sounded to me as if many angels were conversing joyously. When I first sang the hymn, "According to Thy Gracious Word," tears welled up in my eyes as I beheld the church partaking the Holy Communion. I was deeply touched by the love and kindness that was manifested among the brothers and sisters in the church.

My third visit to the church occurred during the evangelistic services in December 18-20, 1987. I pondered over the underlying messages in the sermons concerning salvation. On the last evening of the evangelistic services, there was a special prayer session for the Holy Spirit. Those who wished to receive this precious heavenly gift were to step forward for the laying on of hands by elders and deacons. I went forward and knelt down humbly. I did not know how to pray, and kept repeating "Hallelujah, praise the Lord!" Nevertheless, deep within my heart, I was calling out to God, "O God! What is the Holy Spirit that I am praying for right now? Are you the Holy Spirit? Please bestow on me this gift so that I may believe in You completely."

Suddenly, a tremendous power descended upon my being and immediately my heart was set aglow by flames of indescribable joy. A channel of space was carved out between heaven and earth while I could feel God embracing me ever so tenderly in His bosom of love. The oil of the Holy Spirit kindled the inert spirit within me—the meteoric, divine flames setting my soul ablaze to white heat. Immense joy came forth like tidal waves springing from the depths of my heart. My body began to shake involuntarily, and my tongue rolled away in a language foreign to me. It dawned on me that God had answered my simple prayer as I was opened to the mysteries of the Holy Spirit. Praise our Almighty God!

After understanding the basic doctrines of the True Jesus Church, many concerned church brothers and sisters encouraged me to receive water baptism on December 27, a week after the evangelistic services. Since my family was going to emigrate to Canada a few months later, I needed to grasp hold of the precious opportunity to be baptized. However, my Buddhist parents adamantly forbade my conversion to Christianity. There was much discord in my family. I was torn between obeying my parents and receiving my salvation. It was only through prayers that I found solace for my soul.

By the morning of December 27, 1987, my inner struggle reached its peak. Finally, I told my two younger sisters of my decision to delay my water baptism to a later date. In my heart, however, was utter sorrow. Before we left home for church, I looked up toward our iron gate while my heart cried out to God, "O God! Please tell me what to do." Immediately, I saw a glorious cross that radiated from the iron gate with an ethereal light, both brilliant and pure. The vision diminished in a split second and I was awestruck. How could I, a wretched sinner, stand before this holy light? Never before had I beheld such a resplendent light, a light that belonged to the heavens and not this profane world. It was the true light. All the lights of this world paled in comparison. They were only shadows of the true light above. Peace replaced turmoil in my heart and I understood His divine message.

We crept out silently, leaving our sleeping parents and our home on the 23rd floor of the condominium. We started pressing frantically at the elevator buttons, fearing our parents might suddenly appear behind us. However, the three elevators that were usually so reliable were somehow stranded on the first floor that Sunday morning. We panicked but much to our relief, one of the elevators began to rise. After we rushed into the elevator, a strange event followed. The elevator we were in stopped at every floor; the doors would open and close slowly but no one was waiting to use the elevator! Fear took over as we felt trapped, suspended within the elevator, by an unknown dark force.

"Sis... the devil is trying to stop us...," uttered my sister in a trembling voice.

"Let's get out!" I cried as the elevator door opened slowly on the 17th floor. We dashed out in great trepidation and charged down the entire flight of stairs to the first floor, in escape from the snares of Satan.

When we reached the church, I was overwhelmed by the security and peace that embraced me. Reflecting on the vision of the cross and the abnormal event of the elevator, I decided to receive water baptism for the salvation of my soul. The calling of my heavenly Father beckoned me lovingly, and I could no longer hearken to the faint echoes of my earthly father. On that morning, among those of us who were to be baptized was a dying baby boy. He was suffering from a critical heart problem that was said to be beyond medical help. His eyes were dilated and he had to be fed intravenously. His parents were clinging to the last strand of hope, hoping against hope that Jesus would save their child. The entire congregation said a special prayer for them.

The water baptism was a significant turning point in my life. As I trudged heavily into the seawater, my heart was weighed down by all the sins of my past life. I acknowledged myself as a wretched sinner before God, totally unworthy of His immense grace and I bitterly repented of all my sins. As I emerged from the water, my heart soared and my steps were effortless as I began my walk with Jesus. My Lord had washed away my sins completely with His precious blood and gave me an eternal life so new and pure that I felt completely reborn!

After the water baptism, the newly-baptized members received the sacraments of foot washing and the Holy Communion. When the service was over, I went around the church in search of the newly-baptized baby boy, and I was dumbfounded by the living miracle that I saw! The dying baby of that morning greeted me with sparkling eyes and rosy pink cheeks while his sobbing mother fed him porridge. They named him Moses. The mighty healing power of Jesus was manifested before our eyes and this greatly revived the faith of all the members present. I was thoroughly convinced by then that God had indeed guided me to the true church. Hallelujah!

One thing I have desired of the LORD, that will I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in His temple. (Psalm 27:4)
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Publisher: True Jesus Church