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Part of It Is In You

Part of It Is In You

I sat on top of a hill and watched as a storm moved through the valley. It was a sight that could not be forgotten. I felt the rushing of the winds and the pounding of the raindrops on my head. The sky was filled with darkness and the clouds began to cry. The lush landscape seemed completely changed and its beauty gone forever. I sat there and observed as the rain drowned the plants, flowers, and fruits. The valley echoed with the noise of the thunder. But after some time, the storm finally settled down and moved out of the valley.

I thought to myself, “Where is that intense storm and all its terrible darkness? Where could it have gone?” I sat at the same place the next day and looked out over the valley. Somehow, the grass, flowers, and everything growing from the ground seemed much more beautiful than before. I didn’t quite understand why this was so. It was then the grass said, “Part of it is in me. Part of the storm is in me.” The beautiful flowers said, “Part of it is in me.” And the fruits and all the other plants growing from the ground said, “Part of the storm has produced the radiance in me.”


We all go through different trials in life whether it may be within family, school, or our own spirituality. During these times, our vision is so limited that we can hardly see where we are walking. It’s almost like we are blind. All we see is darkness. There’s no light. There’s no life. Anxiety awaits, loneliness builds, and shame fills our heart as we watch this storm pass through. As the rain pours down and the thunderous clouds shake mightily, we wonder: How is it possible that something good can come out of this storm?

Look back at the short story in the beginning. The grass, flowers, fruits and everything growing from the ground said, “Part of the storm has produced the radiance in me.” It was not a pretty sight at first. However, the storm had to roll in first in order to produce the radiance after.

And to you, my friend, part of the storm is in you. If it weren’t for the storm, you would not be as beautiful as you are today.

This storm raging in your life is an instrument of God to do a greater work in you only after you have learned to trust Him no matter how dark the days and sleepless the nights. The cloud of woe will descend as showers of blessing when you have faith that this storm will help you to grow and produce a rich harvest.

When you trust the mighty hand of God, your heart will no longer demand answers. The “why” becomes unimportant when you believe that God can and will redeem the pain for your good and His glory. It is only when you have been through the darkness with Him that you know He is in the tomorrows. 

So, rise and cheer up my friends because part of it is in you.

Author: Kelly Wu
Publisher: True Jesus Church