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4: Abiding in Christ (1Jn 2:3-17)
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4: Abiding in Christ (1Jn 2:3-17)

The Basics


Having declared that God is light, the author sets the direction of his exhortation. In order to have fellowship with God, we must walk in the light and receive the atonement of Jesus Christ. This section further teaches us that keeping God’s commandments is the way to remain in fellowship with God.

Key Verse

“Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments” (2:3).

Did You Know…?

1.         Little children (2:12,13): “In verse 12 the Greek word is teknia, representing kinship. So John writes this verse as to those spiritually related to him. In verse 13 the Greek word is paidia suggesting subordination, or listening to instruction.” 2/51

2.         World (2:15): “The Greek translated ‘world’ is kosmos, an ordered system (opposite of chaos).” 2/51







Key Words/Phrases

General Analysis

1.   What are the three false claims that John discusses in this section?

2.   How can we truly know God?

3.   How can we overcome the wicked one?

Segment Analysis


1.         How is God’s love perfected in those who keep God’s word?

2.         What are some ways you can walk as Jesus walked?


3a.       What is the commandment mentioned in verses 7 and 8?

3b.       Why is the commandment both old and new?

4.         What does love and hatred have to do with light and darkness?


5a.       How is this paragraph unique?

5b.       What three things are again emphasized here?

5c.       What do you think is the purpose of this paragraph?

6.         Who is the wicked one? How have the believers overcome him?

7.         How can we let God’s word abide in us (v.14)?


8a.       What does it mean to love the world?

8b.       Why shouldn’t we love the world?

9.         Explain each of these and think of some real-life examples:

9a.       Lust of the flesh

9b.       Lust of the eyes

9c.       Pride of life

10a.     What does it mean that the world and its lust are passing away?

10b.     What does this verse teach you about what is meaningful and valuable in life?

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