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7: Beloved Children of God (2) (1Jn 3:11-24)
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7: Beloved Children of God (2) (1Jn 3:11-24)

The Basics


In the previous study, we contemplated on the marvelous love of God, who has called us His children. We also learned that those who are born of God do not live in sin. They practice righteousness in the likeness of the Father who has given them birth. In this study, we will look at how the children of God also live a life of love.

Key Verse

“By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren” (3:16).






Key Words/Phrases

General Analysis

1.   Go through the entire passage and record the reasons for loving our brothers and sisters.

Segment Analysis


1.         Do we sometimes have an attitude like that of Cain? What causes such an attitude?

2.         What is the “world” in verse 13?

3.         What kind of life and death does verse 14 refer to?

4.         Why is hatred equivalent to murder?


5a.       How should we lay down our lives for our brethren?

5b.       As we try to love others, we will surely encounter hatred from those who belong to the world. How then can we love in such a hostile world?

6a.       Think of some real-life examples in which we only love in word and tongue.

6b.       What does it mean to love in deed and in truth?

6c.       How does loving in deed and in truth fulfill the spirit of laying down our lives for our brethren?

7.         List the needs of those around you that you have overlooked in the past, and that you want to meet through your love now. List as many as possible.


8. What does this paragraph say about the following:

8a.       Confidence in heart

8b.       Confidence in prayer

8c.       Confidence in abiding

9.         Explain the teaching of verses 19-21.

10.       Compare the commandments in 23 with Mt 22:34-40.

11a.     According to verse 24, what are the two ways by which we can know that we abide in God and He in us?

11b.     How is the Spirit an evidence of God’s abiding in us?

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