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20: The Seventh Trumpet, The Woman and the Dragon (Rev 11:15-12:17)
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20: The Seventh Trumpet, The Woman and the Dragon (Rev 11:15-12:17)

The Basics


John has eaten the little scroll and measured the temple. The two witnesses have completed their mission and ascended to heaven. As stated in 11:14, the second woe (sixth trumpet) is past, and the third and final woe (seventh trumpet) is coming quickly. At the sounding of the seventh trumpet and in preparation for the pouring out of the seven bowls and final judgment in chapters 16-18, John sees a series of visions and signs that center on Satan’s persecution of God’s people. The first vision is that of worship in heaven and the appearance of the heavenly temple. Following this vision are the signs of the woman and the dragon.

Key Verse

“Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, ‘The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!’” (11:15).

“Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, ‘Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.’” (12:10).

Did You Know…?

1.         Ark of His covenant (11:19): “The OT ark was a chest of acacia wood (Dt 10:1-2). It symbolized the throne or presence of God among his people.” 13/1938

2.         Dragon (12:3): “In the OT they are normally used metaphorically to depict the enemies of God and of Israel (see Ps 74:14; Isa 27:1; Eze 29:3).” 13/1938












Key Words/Phrases

Segment Analysis


1.         What is the theme of the declaration in verse 15?

2a.       Compare verse 18 with Psalm 2. Why were the nations angry?

2b.       What actions will God take as He reigns?

3a.       Where is the temple in verse 19 located?

3b.       What follow the appearance of the temple and the ark? What do they represent?

3c.       What is the significance of the temple and the ark of the covenant? Compare this passage with 8:3-5.

4a.       How does this paragraph relate to the subsequent chapters?

4b.       What lessons can we gather from this paragraph about God’s sovereign control and kingdom?

Chapter 12

5.         What clues suggest that we should interpret this chapter as symbolic of spiritual things?

6.         What is God’s role in this cosmic struggle?

7a.       In what ways did the dragon fail in his endeavors?

7b.       What do the dragon’s works and failure teach us?


8a.       Who does the woman represent? (cf. 2Cor 11:2; Gal 4:26)

8b.       Describe the appearance of the woman and explain its significance.

9.         In view of verse 5, who is the child that was born through the pains of labor? (cf. 2:26-27; 19:15; 20:6; 22:5; Ps 2:9; Dan 7:27)

10a.     Who is the dragon, according to verse 9?

10b.     What is the dragon’s appearance and nature?

10c.     What are the dragon’s works?

10d.     What does it mean that the dragon’s tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth? (cf. Isa 9:15; Dan 8:10,24; Gen 15:5; Mt 24:11,24)

10e.     Why is the dragon so hostile to the woman?

11a.     What period is the 1,260 days of refuge? (cf. 11:2-3; 12:14; Dan 9:27)

11b.     What does the wilderness symbolize? What impression does the wilderness give you?


12a.     Why is the hurling down of the dragon inserted at this place in the passage? Relate it to 11:17.

12b.     Where did the war take place? Is there any significance to this?

13.       How can we overcome the dragon? Explain your answer. 


14.       What does the hurling down of the dragon mean for believers and for the world?

15.       Is verse 14 a repeat of a previous verse in the chapter? What does this parallel tell us about the meaning of “a time and times and half a time”?

16a.     What does the dragon’s relentless attack of God’s offspring tell us?

16b.     How real is Satan to you? Do you see his works? In what ways does he vehemently oppose believers today?

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