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17: Examples of Faith (2) (Heb 11:17-40)
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17: Examples of Faith (2) (Heb -40)

The Basics


In the opening of this chapter on faith, we learned about the nature of faith. Faith gives us assurance and conviction over things of the future and things we cannot see. We also learned that faith is the only way to please God. The author cited examples of the ancients to illustrate the meaning of faith. In this study, we will consider still more examples of people of faith and ponder what lessons we may draw from them.

Key Verse

“And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us” (11:39-40).














Key Words/Phrases

Segment Analysis


1a.        How was God’s command to Abraham a test?

1b.        What did Abraham believe when he offered Isaac?

2.         What did Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph believe upon their death?

3.         Why did Joseph specifically instruct his children to bury his bones in Canaan?


4a.        What did faith enable Moses’ parents to do?

4b.        Has your faith enabled you to do the same?

5a.        What choice did Moses face? Compare the options.

5b.        Why did he choose the much more difficult path?

5c.        What strikes you about the words “the reproach of Christ” in this context?

5d.        What was Moses’ view about suffering for Christ?

6a.        Moses “endured as seeing Him who is invisible.” As a believer, how is your eyesight different from unbelievers?

6b.        What should result from this different eyesight?

7.         What can you learn from Moses about your values in life?

8.         How can faith help us forsake the pleasures of sin?

9a.        What did Rahab believe when she received the spies (Josh 2:9-13)?

9b.        What is significant about this particular witness of faith?


10a.      How is the list in 33-35a different from that in 35b-38.

10b.      What lesson on faith do you learn from the first list?

10c.      What lesson on faith do you learn from the second list?


11a.      What did these people of faith receive?

11b.      What did they not receive? Why?

12.        What do the terms “Something better” and “made perfect” refer to (cf. ,22; 8:6; 9:9,11,23; 10:1,14)? What was it that these people of faith did not receive but looked forward to?

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