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7. Closing Exhortations (1Thess 5:12-28)
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7: Closing Exhortations (1Thess 5:12-28)

I.       The Basics

A.     Setting

Paul has written extensively concerning the coming of the Lord and urged the believers to live watchful and sober lives in expectation of that day. Before closing the epistle, he has further exhortations for the Thessalonians concerning both church and personal life.

B.     Key Verse

            “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (5:16-18).

II.    Observation

A.     Outline







B.     Key Words/Phrases

III. Segment Analysis

A.     5:12-15

1a. Who are verses 12-13 about?

1b. How should we recognize and esteem them?

2. Have you ever comforted the fainthearted or upheld the weak? What is required to do so?

3. What kind of patience is meant in verse 14? What are some ways in which you can practice such patience?

4. Think of a real life example of repaying evil with good. Share this with your group.

B.     5:16-18

5. What element is common to all three commands in this paragraph? What lesson can we learn from this?

6. Which command(s) have you not yet carried out?

7. What purpose do you think God’s will, as stated here in the three commands, accomplishes?

C.     5:19-22

8. What does it mean to quench the Spirit?

9. What does it mean to despise prophecy? Why would a person despise prophecies?

10. Why should we test all things? How do we do so?

11. In a world where evil often prevails over what is good, what does it take for believers to “hold fast what is good” and “abstain from every form of evil”?

D.     5:23-28

12. How does God’s faithful preservation relate to the earlier exhortations and commands?

13. How can the truth of verse 24 help you in your daily Christian walk?

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