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 (Manna 21: To the End of the Earth)
Let Me Look to the Cross
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Let me look to the cross


O Lord, the way ahead seems so hard to walk,

The way is narrow, and I fear to tread.


But I thank You Lord, that You have already

Walked the hardest path of all for me – The path to Calvary


So now, when I feel weary and disheartened,

I think of the cross You bore, and I am strengthened.


When I feel alone and rejected, I think

Of those who left Your side, and I know You’ve been there before me.


When I want to stray, I remember the stripes

You bore, Your nail-pierced hands, and I feel my shame.


When I no longer give my best to You,

I think of the blood You shed for me, and I am compelled to carry on.


O Lord, when the way ahead seems so hard to walk,

Let me always look towards the cross.

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