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Ruminations on Immanuel

Ruminations on Immanuel

            Be strong and of good courage; do not fear nor be dismayed. —1 Chr 22:13

These words jumped out at me one night while I was reading the Bible.

I was in the middle of finishing the chapter before I went to bed. It was only a few days before I had to take an exam, and I was stressed. I felt no inner peace as I headed into my final preparations for the test. But in a chapter devoted to King David’s encouragement and charge to Solomon to build God’s temple, I found comfort.

The difficulties and problems that we encounter on a daily basis may not last long or be hard to handle. But for the issues that seem overwhelming or impossible to overcome, we need some help from God.

While I mused over this verse in greater contemplation, I was able to appreciate that even though our personal problems may cause sleepless nights or frayed nerves, God is with us. His love gives us the strength to deal with any issue without fear or hesitation. And we have the knowledge that whatever we encounter in our lives, God is there to reassure and strengthen us.

These words from God Himself became a source of comfort and encouragement for me as I headed into my day-long exam. Throughout that day I was constantly reminded of God’s love and support for me, and I gradually achieved a sense of peace and tranquility about the exam.

I knew that whatever happened would be God’s will, and that was all that mattered. No amount of anxiety would make any difference. With the abidance of God, all would be well.

In Solomon’s prayer at the temple dedication, he praised God for fulfilling His spoken promises with His own hands. Because of God’s abidance the temple was built without much difficulty. Even though my test anxiety was nothing like the monumental task that Solomon was given, the same words of encouragement given to him sustained me.

Sometimes we may forget how closely God watches over us and takes care of us, and we feel discouraged and alone. But such feelings only weaken us. As long as we believe in His promise to watch over us, we have no cause to fear or worry—whatever our trouble, Immanuel is there.


            Question for Reflection:

            In what ways do you need the Lord today? Before thinking about going your own way to resolve the issue, take a step back and draw from God's words for a solution.

Publisher: True Jesus Church