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2005 NYTS Book of Exodus Preview

2005 NYTS Book of Exodus Preview

Please carefully read through the book of Exodus twice, and keep in mind the following questions:

Chapter 1:

1.       List the relationships between Exodus and Genesis.

2.       What do the three major promises (that were included in the covenant God made with Abraham) have to do with this chapter?

3.       What was God’s purpose in allowing Pharaoh to oppress the Israelites?

Chapter 2:

1.       How did God prepare Moses to become the “deliverer” of the Israelites?

2.       What influence did Moses’ parents have on his life?

3.       How did living in the palace of Egypt and in the wilderness affect the manner in which Moses led the Israelites?

Chapter 3 ~ 4:

1.       Why did Moses decline God’s calling?  What was his reason?

2.       What kind of assurance did God give Moses when He called him?

3.       In this section, what attributes can you see in God?  What practical lessons can you learn?

Chapter 5 ~ 11:

1.       God punished Egypt by bringing forth the ten plagues.  What were the contents and characteristics of the plagues?

2.       Besides urging the exodus, what other purposes did God have in bringing forth the plagues?

3.       How did God reveal Himself?

Chapter 12 ~ 15:

1.       Why did God bring judgment upon every household in Egypt?

2.       How did the chosen people avoid this dreadful judgment?  What are the spiritual prefigurations or teachings?

3.       What was the purpose of the miracle at the Red Sea?  What affect did it have on the Israelites as well as the Gentiles?

Chapter 15:22 ~ 18:

1.       What was God’s purpose in leading the Israelites in their journey through the wilderness?

2.       God tested the faith of the Israelites four times.  How was God’s provision in respect to the content of each test and the responses from the people?

Chapter 19 ~ 24:

1.       What was God’s purpose in leading the Israelites to Mount Sinai?

2.       How did God reveal His absolute holiness and omnipotence in His appearance on Mt.Sinai and in the process of establishing a covenant with the people?

3.       What other meanings are in the commandments?  How can the eternal and universal nature of the Ten Commandments be proven?

Chapter 32 ~ 34:

1.       What sin did the Israelites commit by worshiping the golden calves?  What caused them to fall into this sin?

2.       How was God’s judgment towards the Israelites?

3.       How did Moses intercede on behalf of the Israelites?  What was the result?  How did this event reveal Moses’ character and virtues?